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What Happened To Skinny Pete & Badger Upon The Conclusion Of Breaking Bad?

Published Tue Aug 27 2019 By Travis
What Happened To Skinny Pete & Badger Upon The Conclusion Of Breaking Bad?

Skinny Pete and Badger were fan favorite characters but what happened to the characters after the finale of Breaking Bad?

There is a conversation or debate we can carry among ourselves and come to different conclusions, but it there is one thing there is no arguing about. Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show on earth, and there is not even a single argument we are willing to entertain. The show was great because of the characters, Walter and Jesse are obviously the greatest characters in the world, but there are also side characters who made our two leading men great.

Two of the great side characters in the show and fan-favorite characters in the series are 'Skinny Pete' and 'Badger', and they were in the series from the first season to the final and fifth season. We saw from the first season Skinny Pete was the one who introduced Jesse to Tuco, and this event led to one of the most epic moments in TV history. Badger, on the other hand, was also a friend of Jesse, and he was the one who helped Jesse cook meth in the RV. Badger and Skinny Pete were also the two out of three drug dealers hired by Walter and Jesse to sell the meth.

Breaking Bad.
Badger and Skinny Pete were the first drug dealers of Walter and Jesse.

Source: Studying Breaking Bad

In season one Badger was a mascot for a bank, and he was taken away by Jesse to help him in the new meth business. Due to a disagreement in the first season the two-part ways but they reconcile after Badger helps Jesse hide the RV from the police in season two. He also helped out Jesse on many occasions, Badger was arrested by the police while selling blue meth, and he fled to Mexico. Badger also talked a lot about his love for the science fiction, and he was the house guest at Jesse’s house during their drug trip. Badger was also a member of the band TwaughtHammer, and we loved Badger.

Skinny Pete was also a friend of Jesse in the series; he first appeared in the episode 'Cancer Man'. Jesse got Pete to sell meth for Walter and Jesse, and he left dealing for the two after 'Combo' got killed and Badger was arrested. During the third season while preying on recovering addicts Pete and Badger together find the meetings helpful and they get sober, well, only for a little while. Skinny Pete is also a beautiful piano player who we last saw in the finale episode of Breaking Bad where Pete and Badger pose as snipers and help threaten the 'Schwartzes'.

Watch: Badger and Skinny Pete help Walter scare the Schwartzes in the Breaking Bad finale

During the start of the final episode was when we last saw the two characters, and they were the ones who told Walter the blue meth was still in production even without Walter. This led Walter to find out Jesse was still alive and he was cooking the meth.

Skinny Pete actor Charles Baker said in an interview with Mashable, “Well, I think Skinny Pete went straight to that music store and bought that keyboard and him and Badger decided to put the band back together. The original band was TwaüghtHammër, but Skinny Pete wasn't a member of TwaüghtHammër, so they decided to go with TwaüghtHammër 2: The Twaüghtening.”

Charles Baker.
Charles Baker played Skinny Pete in Breaking Bad.

Source: HuffPost

“I wouldn't be surprised if he did [stay sober],” Charles said. “He was into the program when he was in it, and it was really Jesse kind of dragging him back in, throwing this beautiful candy in his face and having access to the meth, being a dealer. I hope he took his money and ran. That's my hope.”

We just saw the release of the new trailer of Breaking Bad movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie where the first person we see is Skinny Pete. He is sitting down in an interrogation room surrounded by DEA agents who want to know where Jesse is. Pete tells them, even if he knew he would not say to the police so they can put Jesse Pinkman back in a cage after he got out of one. According to our source who told us the movie would pick up exactly where the series left off so we can see, Pete looks sober, and he is still protecting his friend.

Watch: The trailer for the Breaking Bad Movie, El Camino

In the interview with Mashable, Charles said, “I hope that Jesse got so far out of that that he didn’t want to look back at all. As Jesse's best friend I was rooting for him to get the hell out of there and get his life together, knowing he had more potential than that.”

So, it seems Vince Gilligan is picking up exactly where he left off when it comes to Pete, but when it comes to Badger, we are not certain. Maybe he went to Hollywood to sell his Star Trek script, or he used the money Walter probably gave him for helping him threaten the Schwartzes and started a sober new life.

The poster for El Camino.
EL Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is coming to Netflix on 11 October 2019.

Source: Polygon

Whatever the case, the whole thing will be evident when the movie arrives on Netflix on 11 October 2019.