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Glamour Fame | Tags: breaking bad

Walter White is a normal middle-aged man who teaches high school students Science. He is the father of a disabled son and finds out he is about to become the father of a second child. Working as a teacher is not enough, so he tries to help his family by working in a car cleaning shop, but then the world comes crashing down on the White family when Walter is diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Walter knows he is not going to be around for much longer and one day when he is doing a ride-along with a DEA agent, who is also his brother-in-law, he sees his former student running away from a meth lab. With no way out and his family’s future at stake, Walter decides to find his former student and starts cooking meth so he can provide for his family after he is gone. What starts out as a way to help a family spirals out of control, and the journey Walter and Jesse take us on are one of epic proportion which no other show will ever be able to match.