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When Will The 'Breaking Bad' Movie Come Out?

Published Mon Aug 05 2019 By Travis
When Will The 'Breaking Bad' Movie Come Out?

They teased us with cryptic posts and it's about time the Breaking Bad movie made its way to Netflix.

Breaking Bad is an evergreen show, we are six years removed from the explosive finale of the series and still the question is will ever get a movie based on the series. There are only rumors and some confirmed reports we are getting a movie, but again, there are no trailers or confirmation dates for when the film is coming.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranstopn cooking meth.
Breaking Bad movie is coming but there are still no trailers or release dates for the movie. (Source: IMDb)

Since the series was finished in such a satisfying note, it was hard figuring out how the movie would be even possible. Then we heard rumors the movie is going to be a sequel following 'Jesse' and his escape from captivity. There was also report Bryan Cranston was coming back to play Walter White which was baffling because Walter White died in the finale.

Then the title for the movie was revealed with a logline which read, the film “follows the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” The movie was coming, and people were sure after the title release.

Watch: The escape of Jesse and death of Walter White

Then there was those cryptic Instagram and Twitter post which both the actors posted in collusion. First, it was the two donkey post on 25 June which sent the internet in a frenzy. The location looked like it was Albuquerque and the two donkeys were taken apart by all the news publication websites and movie and TV sites.

There was no word after the two donkey post, and the hype was dying down when seven days later there was another post by Aaron and Bryan where they were seen together crossing a river, and people went crazy again because the caption read “Even Sooner.”

Everyone was convinced we were getting a trailer for the Breaking Bad movie, but it was not the case. We theorized maybe the two are heading to San Diego Comic-con where the revelation will happen but instead seven days later on 9 July the two actors posted photos about their new collaboration, but it was not the one we were expecting. The two actors posted a long ad for their new alcohol, and it was all the posts were all about.

So, we came so close to the announcement of the movie, but then it was all snatched away, and fans were not happy. Some said they were just playing the fans, whereas others said the two white actors were appropriating ethnic culture for monetary gain.

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Breaking Bad movie is coming; Netflix is currently holding the deal to stream the film after it is shown on TV on AMC. We are sure the movie is coming, but the release dates are not known as of this moment. 2019 is beyond the realm of possibility by now, and we can see mid-2020 release date for the movie or if they really want to surprise fans, maybe a Christmas date?