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What Happens If You Sleep With Your Bra On?

Published Tue Dec 11 2018 By Sarah
What Happens If You Sleep With Your Bra On?

Many of the women take off their bra as soon as they reach home from their work. Removing the bra adds extra comfort and relaxation to them. Whereas, there are also such women who prefer to wear a bra all day and night.

Meanwhile, there is a myth that sleeping with a bra on during the bed will prevent boobs from sagging. But some says it is really risky to sleep with your bra on.

SOURCE: Natural House Magazine

Which one is right? Does wearing a bra on while sleeping affect the shape & size or will it affect health? Let's find out:

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Here are some things that happen when you sleep with your bra on:

5. You Might Feel Uncomfortable

SOURCE: Daily Express

At the end of the day, it comes down to the comfort level. Wearing a bra overnight might make you feel uncomfortable due to which it may cause sleep disruptions.

If you don't want to go completely bra-less then you can wear a bra in which you feel more comfortable. 

4. Affect Circulation

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Wearing a tight bra while sleeping might affect the circulation of blood to your breasts and surrounding tissue.

Similarly, a bar with tight compression can hurt your boobs tissue if worn whole night due to regular restricted circulation.

3. Skin Irritation

SOURCE: wikihow

Another effect of wearing bra overnight is an irritation. Wearing an ill-fitted bra while sleeping can cause skin irritation.

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The hooks of your bra can protrude on your skin and the tight straps might create pain if you wear for long.

2. Hyper Pigmentation

SOURCE: Zivame

Due to the tight hooks and straps may cause darkening of the particular area and hence create hyperpigmentation.

1. You Won't Have As Much Back Pain 

SOURCE: Daily Mail Online

Another shocking thing that can happen if you put on a bra to bed is you won't have as much back pain. Woman with plus size boobs might get less back pain if they wear a well-fitted and comfortable bra while sleeping.

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Moreover, one of the most common questions that arise in every woman's mind is 'Does wearing bra to bed increase chances of breast cancer?' and the answer is no, it never increases the vulnerability to breast cancer. To know more check out this video:

At last, if you are a bra person and does not want to go completely braless then you can wear but a well-fitted and comfortable one.