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What Is A Witcher? Henry Cavill Possesses The Answer To Your Curiosity; Check Out His Breakdown!

Published Wed Aug 21 2019 By Travis
What Is A Witcher? Henry Cavill Possesses The Answer To Your Curiosity; Check Out His Breakdown!

The Witcher is coming to Netflix and Henry Cavill was on hand to tell people what a Witcher really is!

The Witcher is a game series of three mind-blowing video games, the third one is out of this world, but the greatness of the game is for another day. For fans in America, The Witcher is a game series, it is popular because of the CD Projekt Red game but in Europe, The Witcher is popular because of the fantastic book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. In the rest of the world, it is famous for either of the two reasons.

So, a non-game player and a non-book reader will find the name Witcher confusing; it is not exactly a witch. Yennefer is more in the vein of witches, but what exactly is a Witcher? With the series coming nearer and nearer we thought it best to update some people what a Witcher really is. In simpler terms, a Witcher is a person who hunts monsters for coins.

Watch: The trailer for The Witcher coming to Netflix

The Netflix series The Witcher is exactly about the same thing, a monster-hunting Witcher goes from place to place and kills monsters for money while also looking for his love interest and sorceress Yennefer played by the amazing Anya Chalotra. The show will also focus on 'Ciri' played by Freya Allan, a young princess, taken under the wing by 'Geralt' played by Henry Cavill.

The show is created by Lauren S. Hissrich who brought the whole cast of the new series to San Diego comic con where Henry Cavill was asked to describe the character he is set to portray, and he gave the best answer to describe the monster killing Witcher. Before the former Superman actor got into the nitty-gritty of what a Witcher is, he talked about the odds of survival for someone who undergoes the trial.

The Witcher played by Henry Cavill.
Henry Cavill described the Witcher best at San Diego Comic-con.

Source: The Verge

“Most of these children don't survive, like 1 of 10,” the actor said. “They travel the world hunting monsters for coin, and that's their one sole purpose, but they are often rejected by the world because they are not supposed to have emotions...but ultimately a bunch of badasses that kill monsters.”

The Witchers helps people, and yes they charge people for their services but still everyone charges for work they do. But the Witchers are hated other than when the people need a monster to be killed. It is an apt description of a character and the relationship Witchers and humans share. But Cavill was not done, he elaborated to explain better the lack of emotion shown by the monster killers.

“It's not that Witcher's aren't supposed to make moral decisions, it's the myth that they don't have emotions, but that's what aids them in asking for coin for a monster, and if they don't have emotions then they can negotiate as hard as they want, and someone can't use the 'my kids' line,” Henry said. “Geralt is much more than that. He has this hard exterior because he believes that's the way the world is, but in truth deep deep down there's this man that has a belief in what the world can be."

According to the creator of the show, the series is based on the book with only a little nuggets of information taken from the games which means it is better to brush up on some Witcher books if you are interested in getting a head start for the season. 

The Witcher played by Henry Cavill.
The Witcher starring Henry Cavill is coming to Netflix this fall.

Source: Syfy

The Witcher is currently without a release date, we know the show will debut later in the year before 2020, but it is all we know as of this moment.

If you want to see the whole Witcher panel at the San Diego Comic-con, then click right here.