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What Is Area 51? Everything You Need To Know!

Published Wed Jul 17 2019 By Travis
What Is Area 51? Everything You Need To Know!

There is a segment in John Oliver’s show called “Why is this still a thing?” that is how we feel about Area 51. It has been so many years of nonstop controversy and conspiracy, but nothing has been proven yet, and now people want to storm a secretive military base with a stand by a military force that can protect itself from any kind of threats. Now, a bunch of millennial and conspiracy nutters is looking to storm the base. There are more natural ways of getting yourselves shot and killed people, no need to attack a fortified military base.

Area 51 is a reason for major conspiracy in all forms of media, most people have seen the movie 'Independence Day' where Aliens are kept. But what really is Area 51, and why is there so much mystery surrounding one base out of so many in America as well as around the world?

Watch: The Area 51 scene from Independence Day

The real reason for naming the site Area 51 is not known, but it is explained as an Atomic Energy Commission grid. They didn’t use the number 51, but since the facility was near to grid 15, they named the facility Area 51. The place is also referred to as “an operating location near Groom Dry Lake” there are also some other nicknames for the facility such as Dreamland and Paradise Ranch. The whole location was bought by the USAF in 1955 to flight test their planes.

The main reason for the facility being chosen was the vast empty area in Nevada where the air force can test their secret ships. The main priority of the facility was to develop the 'Lockheed U-2' aircraft, as the location was 100 miles away from the Las Vegas, the site was considered to be secretive enough for the air force to test their secret planes.

The gates at Area 51.
Check Point heading into Area 51. (Source: Cnet)

After the successful deployment of U-2 crafts, the facility started tinkering with antiradar studies and soon after, the facility expanded to an 8,500 feet runway replacing the previous 5,000 feet runway. The whole facility expanded as the cold war with Russia was taking shape, and the FAA made the whole area a restricted no-fly zone as no commercial or private planes were allowed within the airspace of the facility.

After the U-2 planes, the facility developed numerous planes and helped the US during the Korean War as well as spy planes that flew over occupied Berlin and the Soviet Union itself. The main reason for the existence of the facility was to study foreign technologies and develop new tech for the US military.

The picture of U-2 spy planes.
U-2 ships were developed inside the facility. (Source: Chicago Tonight)

The existence of the facility was known, but governmental agencies never acknowledged the facility itself, and they finally responded to a freedom of information query made by Jeffrey T. Richelson. The CIA finally acknowledged the existence of the facility on 25 June 2013 and released more than 300 pages detailing the works of the facility dating back to the origin of the facility.

The facility is heavily guarded by hired contractors who patrol the fence in a white pickup wearing camouflage fatigues, and they are referred to as the “camo dudes.” The guards do not talk to anyone, but it was reported that they were authorized to use deadly force to stop any tress passers. There are even motion detectors to detect people approaching from a distance (there goes the element of surprise for the people storming the facility.)

There are so many conspiracy theories, let’s run down some of those theories.

  • Cross engineering the Alien ships to work in American ships.
  • The location is considered to be a meeting point with Aliens.
  • People in Area 51 control weather.
  • A shadowy organization formed by Harry S. Truman in 1974 to use Alien Tech.
  • An underground transcontinental railway between originating from Area 51.
  • The place develops time traveling and teleportation techs.
  • Laser weapons, beam weapons, and other exotic weapons studied and created in the facility.

Those are just some of the conspiracies that UFO nutters peddle about the facility. The first sightings to UFOs were in this area and the reason for those sightings were not given to public as it turns out the reason people saw UFOs in the area was because the planes Area 51 were developing could fly at 60,000 feet, and most of the sightings of the UFO was in the late afternoon when the sun rays gave the planes a fiery look that was construed as UFOs.

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People there are no aliens if there were they wouldn’t land in the same spot for 70 years. They would branch out and see what is happening in the other parts of our world. You might say that maybe the ships were brought down by the military and taken to Area 51, but then you are telling us that the plane that can travel millions of miles to arrive on earth can be brought down by humans of 1950 who were unaware of extra-terrestrials even existing. There are no aliens because if they were smart enough to build ships that can travel to earth, then they would be smart enough not to land the ship in a military base. Don’t be stupid, the probability of there being an Alien life form is as small as you having horns sprouting spontaneously from your head.

Area 51 is a military facility, and they facilitate the US military, don’t be stupid people and don’t storm an army facility than has a standing order of using lethal force against tress passers. The air force themselves said that they will protect the facility from anything and everything.