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What is Becky Mantin Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Breakdown

Published Sun Apr 11 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is Becky Mantin Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Breakdown

Here's what you should know about Becky Mantin's net worth in 2021! Get the full analysis here! 

Rebecca Becky Mantin is an eminent TV personality. She is an English TV presenter, weather presenter, and forecaster, currently working in "Good Morning Britain" on ITV. 

Born on October 18, 1980, in Norwich, Norfolk, England, to Richard Mantin and Wendy Mantin. Becky in a decade of her career has almost explored every field of her profession.

What is Becky Mantin's Net Worth in 2021? 

The ITV presenter and now also a businesswoman has an estimated net worth of a whopping $11 million in 2021. The figure isn't much of a revelation considering her service in the industry for all these years.  

Becky in a candid

 Becky Mantin's estimated Net Worth in 2021 is a whopping $11 million. 
Photo Source: Express

Although her monthly income isn't known, an average salary of a TV presenter is said to be $43,500 a month, so going with the same number, Becky is racking thousands from her job and not to mention the profit from her new business of designing baby travel products.  

Becky Mantin's Balanced Lifestyle

Becky is married to professional Rugby coach Jack Heald for a decade now and is a mother to four kids, namely Rory, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Charlotte. Their ages range from one to eleven years old. 

In fact, her new business venture, she says, was something she was inspired to do as a mother.  

Becky with her kid

 Becky Martin is married to a professional rugby coach and has four kids. 
Photo Source:Dailymail

Becky calls herself a keen sailor, runner, and surfer. The working mother tells in an interview how she was a must-have everything person but having her children has helped her balance her life. 

She says how every decision she makes goes through a family filter in her mind now, and she doesn't indulge in anything that can affect her family negatively. 

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Becky believes in living a balanced life. The forecaster tells how she enjoys running, rock climbing, and sailing in her free time and discloses her secret to youthful-looking skin as more water, more sleep, less sugar. She lives by the motto “the days are long but the years are short." 

Becky Mantin's Career 

Becky may be taking life slightly easily now with her colossal bank-balance and a happy family. But she started as a young and ambitious girl in the industry, grabbing every opportunity and pushing every boundary. 

Becky Mantin currently works for the ITV weather in the "Goodmorning Britain."
Photo Source: Damenhair

The British TV presenter began her career in media by writing for a daily press and appearing at a commercial radio station. She then soon moved to ITV Anglia to try as a fashion presenter. 

Moving back and forth inside the field of interest proved beneficial for her, as she soon figured out what she really wanted to do. Becky took her meteorological training and became a weather presenter. 

Before signing with the ITV weather, Becky reported on regional programs like "Animal Tales," "Late night check out," currently working as a host for Good morning Britain.  

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The much-loved TV presenter now works for ITV only as a freelancer and is catering more towards her business initiative as per reports. 

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