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What is Lisa Boothe's Net Worth in 2021? Learn all the Details About Her Earnings and Wealth Here

Published Fri Dec 31 2021 By Danile
What is Lisa Boothe's Net Worth in 2021? Learn all the Details About Her Earnings and Wealth Here

How Rich is Lisa Boothe in 2021? Exclusive details here!  

A familiar face in the television world, Lisa Boothe first gained recognition as a leading Washington examiner contributor in 2016. Prior to that, Boothe also worked as a staff assistant in the US House of Representatives, spokesperson for Tommy George Thompson and Sandy Adams campaign and a senior director at Black Rock Group. Boothe became a household face when she started working for Fox News Channel in October 2016. 

Born Lisa Marie Boothe on February 3, 1985, in Clifton, West Virginia. Her father, Jeffrey Ferris Boothe, is a renowned lawyer and a political analyst, which describes  Lisa's innate flair and interest in politics. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, majoring in political science and government. She is best known for starring in Fox's Outnumbered and The Five programs.  

What is Lisa Boothe's Net Worth in 2021!  

Being a journalist of high caliber, Boothe's soaring earnings and net worth doesn't come as a surprise. Several sources estimate the Fox contributor's net worth to be a whopping $10 million in 2021. She reportedly earns $1.5 million as a salary. Boothe's earnings from her affiliation with Fox is estimated to be $600 thousand.   

Lisa Boothe is a Fox News contributor and journalist.

 Boothe is the founder and president of High Noon Strategies. Photo Source: Instagram

Lisa's ardent viewers are well aware of her multifaceted career. Throughout her successful journey in television, Boothe has also simultaneously ventured into politics; she is the founder and president of High Noon Strategies; a political communication and public affairs company. Boothe is also estimated to be raking a lump sum from her affiliation with The Washington Times. 

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Boothe, who is rumored to have plastic surgery made her way into television after a long stint as a political analyst. She delved into her professional career working as a staff assistant in the United States House of Representatives. She was Sandy Adam's political campaigns communications director from 2011 to 2012. After Adams lost the 2012 election, Boothe landed a post at Tommy Thompson's campaign.   

Lisa Boothe has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

 Boothe launched her podcast, 'Truth with Lisa Boothe.'
Photo Source: Instagram

Earlier this year, the Fox contributor launched her podcast, The Truth with Lisa Boothe. The podcast ranked amongst the top in Apple's podcast for several weeks. Via her politically inspired podcast, Boothe, a fervent Republican and Donald Trump supporter, aspires to bring truth to the public and build a renewed foundation of complete trust with her viewers.    

Why did Lisa Boothe lose a promised spot at ABC's 'The View'?  

The Fox News star was a potential replacement for Meghan McCain in ABC's talk show, The View. Boothe was reportedly interviewed by ABC executives to replace McCain as the conservative pundit. However, Boothe refusal to get the Covid-19 jab cost her the esteemed opportunity. ABC's parent company, Disney, adheres strictly to the Covid mandate, which requires all its employees to be vaccinated against the novel virus.   

 Boothe's refusal to get vaccinated against Covid was a deal-breaker in getting the gig in ABC. 
Source: Varneyco

An insider told Boothe was interviewed alongside dozens of candidates, but her stand against the vaccination drive was a complete deal-breaker. It is not the first time Boothe has displayed feckless behavior as a widely-followed political persona; in an interview with Unfiltered With Dan Bongino, she revealed she has not received any Covid shot "as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden's tyranny."   

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Boothe's complete disregard towards the urgency of vaccines shocked many when she penned an article in Newsweek. Boothe's column read, "I am not vaccinated. In a sane society, a personal decision like this would not warrant a column or even an explanation. But we do not live in a sane society." She further states, "as a healthy 36-year-old woman, Covid doesn't pose a threat to my life. Why would I get a vaccine for a virus that I do not fear and isn't a threat to my life?" Boothe is reportedly single as of 2021; learn her complete dating history here.

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