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Did Lisa Boothe Undergo Plastic Surgery? Find Out Here

Published Fri Sep 24 2021 By Tashipalmo
Did Lisa Boothe Undergo Plastic Surgery? Find Out Here

The Complete Truth About Lisa Boothe Plastic Surgery? Did She Go Under the Knife?  

Lisa Boothe is a renowned journalist, political analyst, Republican strategist, and commentator who currently works at Fox News. Boothe is the founder of High Noon Strategies, political communications, and public affairs company. She is best recognized for programs like Outnumbered and The Five. Boothe often makes appearances in debates on CNN and Fox News. 

Boothe was born on February 3, 1984, in Clinton, West Virginia, to Jeffrey Ferris Boothe and Dianne Marie. Boothe is actively following in her father's footsteps, who was a political analyst and adviser himself. She has constantly kept away from revealing anything personal. Apart from her love life, Lisa is the latest political personality to become the subject of plastic surgery speculation, but did she undergo any procedure? Find it ahead. 

Boothe Reportedly Underwent Reconstructive Surgery!  

Though Plastic surgery is always associated with altering features, the procedure also includes restoration and reconstruction of the human body. As per sources, Boothe, 36, has undergone reconstructive surgery. But that hasn't stopped the speculation of cosmetic surgery against Lisa.  

Lisa Boothe underwent reconstructive surgery.

 Boothe has to undergo reconstructive surgery to cure a ligament injury. 
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Boothe was an ardent hockey and lacrosse player during high school. She had suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury; to fix the deformity, Boothe had to undergo reconstructive surgery to fix the deformity. Being a tv journalist, Boothe knows better than anyone that viewers' eyes are constantly affixed to her.  

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As per viewers and Lisa's fans, she has undergone the knife to maintain her youthful look. Anyone familiar with plastic surgery effects can tell that the journalist's face hints at botox and fillers. Some even opined that the journalist had had eyelid surgery. 

Lisa Boothe is a Fox News commentator.

 Did Lisa undergo cosmetic surgery? 
Photo Source: Married Biography

Since Boothe herself hasn't opted to address the speculation, though she has remained honest about her reconstructive surgery. The commentator, in her mid-30s, has no sign of fine wrinkles. Her viewers are almost sure that she has undergone some procedure, but we shall not conclude on that until Boothe has her side of the story to convey someday.   

The Truth With Lisa Boothe!    

In March this year, Boothe, an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump, launched her podcast, The Truth With Lisa Booth. She promises debate on things that truly matter and truth that crosses the pressure of political correctness. The podcast ranked third in Apple's Podcast app for weeks.    

 Boothe's podcast ranked third in Apple's podcast. 
Photo Source: Fox News

The hour-long interview with President Trump featured a discussion on the immigration crisis and the future of the GOP. Her show's description states, "It will cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of what matters." The podcast is presented by iHeart Radio and Gingrich 360.  

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Lisa is certainly not a favorite among democrats; she has landed herself in several controversies because of insensitive statements in the past. In recent headlines, Boothe criticizes President Joe Biden's plan to get all Americans vaccinated. You've got a president that couldn't care less, that is now trying to force tens of millions of people into getting a vaccine that they don't want," said the Fox News commentator.  

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