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What Was The Real Reason Bill Nye The Science Guy Got Cancelled?

Published Wed Jun 05 2019 By Travis
What Was The Real Reason Bill Nye The Science Guy Got Cancelled?

Bill Nye first appeared on TV screens with a blue lab coat on, his slender built, height and long neck made him noticeable. The mechanical engineer starred in his own show 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' for over five years, from September 10, 1993, to June 20, 1998.

After the show aired its hundredth episode, 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' was cancelled. If rumours were to be believed then, the show was cancelled because of the evolution episode. In a season three episode, Bill tackled the topic of the evolution of homo sapiens from a single cell organism. As you can understand a certain faction of the Christian community didn't agree with his assessment of the nature of human evolution.

Bill Nye during the evolution episode

SOURCE: Chaostrophic

Though not liked in many communities, evolution episode was not the reason for the cancellation of the series. The real reason 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' got cancelled was because it was planned that way. Every season of the series has 20 episodes, the final season also had 20 episodes.

The whole series just ended after it's scheduled twenty episodes final season run. Bill has never been the most beloved person in America and is considered boring outside of the US. Conservatives hate him because he talks about climate change being real, bible thumpers hate him because he talks about evolution being the reality for human existence and not Adam and Eve and anti-vaccination groups hate him because he talks about the benefits of vaccines.

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All those facts are not new, he has been talking the same pro-climate change, evolution, vaccine since the first time the show aired on PBS. The same groups that were against him back in the 90s are the same groups that are against him now, just the internet has amplified their voices more.

Bill Nye returned to his old ways in his Netflix show, 'Bill Nye Saves the World', and the same problems that prevailed before are prevalent now. He is accused of being preachy, trying to brainwash children and making children believe in things their parents don't want them to believe. Far right internet calls him SJW, a social justice warrior, and they think being SJW will embarrass Bill.

Bill Nye on Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World

SOURCE: Bill Nye

With his bow tie and blue lab coat, Bill Nye is probably the most noticeable scientist in America along with Neil deGrasse Tyson and with that fame comes criticism. Bill has never shied away from criticism so much so as to go to Fox News and talk to Tucker Carlson.

His views are not for everyone and there will always be calls to censor him for his views on various hot button topics. Though it was rumoured Bill's show was cancelled because he was asked to stop doing it because of pressures from the Christian community, this was not the case. The beloved show ended it's run on its own terms.