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Wheel of Fortune - Why is Pat Sajak Off the Show?

Published Thu Dec 12 2019 By Travis
Wheel of Fortune - Why is Pat Sajak Off the Show?

For the better part of 36 years, Pat Sajak’s been the host of the Wheel of Fortune game show on NBC. He was the person who was hired after a standoff with then CEO of NBC, who was not keen on hiring someone local and not much National appeal. But Merv Griffin was right in hiring the man, and for the past 36 years, Pat is the person associated with the game show.

Pat Sajak was born on 26 October 1976 in Chicago, Illinois, and he was only a small kid when his father died, and after graduating from college, he decided to go to Vietnam, where he worked as the disc-jockey for the army. This is where he got his knack for the art of hosting, and after returning to the States, he pursued work in the news business and radio hosting.

Pat Sajak's been the host of Wheel of Fortune for almost 37 years.

Pat Sajak's been the host of Wheel of Fortune for almost 37 years.
Source: Page Six

After a little struggle early on, Pat was able to find his groove, and soon he was the leading weatherman for the KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. Soon he was provided with an offer to be the host of 'Wheel of Fortune,' and it was one thing he could not let go. Taking the job was the most profitable choice of his life, and he also was able to be the longest time host of a game show after his 2018-2019 season.

But for the fans of the show, there was a shock of a revelation in November 2019 when it was announced Pat Sajak is stepping away from the hosting duties and longtime turning letters host was tapped to be the host of the show on a temporary basis.

So, Why is Pat Sajak Off the Wheel of Fortune?

On 8 November 2019, the official Twitter account of Wheel of Fortune notified the people the taping of the show was canceled after emergency surgery for Pat. The Twitter page was again on hand to tell the fans of the show Pat needed to undergo “emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine,” and the surgery was a success, and he was at home resting comfortably.

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Pat stayed in the hospital for about a week and 15 November it was reported the show host was back home again, resting and recuperating. After he was back home, Pat informed the fans about his health, he said in a statement, “Getting back home has given me the time to reflect on — and appreciate — the love and support of my family, friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances, and countless Wheel Watchers. Recovery will be complete and relatively fast. And, for better or worse, doctors tell me they did not remove my sense of humor. See you all soon.”

How is Pat Now and Who Took Over the Show in His Absence?

After a public statement, it was made clear Pat was doing okay, and he was on mends. The tweets and Instagram kept worried fans informed on the whole situation, and he was said to back after about a month of rest.

Pat was back taping for the show on 5 December 2019, and the official Instagram page of Wheel of Fortune was sure to make it known the show host was back. Pat also expressed his joy in being back at the show and doing what he’s done for almost 37 years; he also talked about the episodes which will be released in December, the ones he was not part of.

When it was announced Pat would be incapacitated by the surgery, the producers of the show went to a long-time hosting partner of Pat, Vanna White, who was with the show for as long as Pat was. Vanna was first hesitant about the hosting duties, but then she accepted the role and tweeted out about how the show will not be the same without her partner for the longest time Pat.

The episodes hosted by Pat will air in December, and fans will need to wait a little while longer to see Pat back in action on the set of Wheel of Fortune. Fans put their support behind Vanna and Pat was also happy about her getting the nod to host the show for a short period of time.

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