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Who is Jane Pauley? Who is her Husband? Know about her Married Life and Children

Published Tue Sep 21 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Jane Pauley? Who is her Husband? Know about her Married Life and Children

Jane Pauley Is An Award-Winning Journalist: All Details of Her Conjugal Life Here!  

Jane Pauley is a television host, author, and news reporter. She immediately became a renowned name when she took the mantle from retired journalist Barbara Walter and became co-anchor at NBC's morning show Today. Pauley has since worked for various networks and even hosted her show one time. Pauley has been hosting CBS Sunday Morning since 2016.  

Margaret Jane Pauley was born on October 31, 1950, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The veteran broadcast journalist is happily married and thriving together. “I’ve been uncommonly, eerily blessed in my life," says Pauley, who has been now married to her famous husband for more than three decades. Continue reading to learn about her blissful marital life.  

Inside Pauley's Marital Life!    

Pauley is married to Garry Trudeau, a cartoonist who won a Pulitzer for creating the comic strip Doonesbury. The happy couple is now doting parents of three grown children and grandparents of two. Pauley and her husband had their first encounter in 1975 when her friend, journalist Tom Brokaw and his wife invited the duo for a small dinner party.   

Jane Pauley has been vocal about her struggle with bipolar disorder.

 Jane hadn't heard of Doonesbury until she met Trudeau. 
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Jane had just started her role as a host at Today, but Trudeau was already a big star."It absolutely was a setup. And it worked," Pauley told Ability magazine. A fun fact, Pauley hadn't heard of Doonesbury until she met Garry. After four years of a romantic relationship, the duo tied the knots on June 14, 1980.       

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Over the years, the couple experienced what can be best described as a perfectly balanced marriage. Jane says it was Trudeau's humor that attracted her first, and it was because of their shared humor and respect for each other that their marriage was able to withstand the test of times. Pauley and her husband welcomed their twins, Richard and Rachel Trudeau, on December 30, 1983.   

Jane Pauley and her husband got married in 1980.

 The pair are doting parents to three and loving grandparents of two. 
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The veteran journalist was working for Today when she birthed her youngest, Thomas Trudeau, in 1986. Jane was, at the time, juggling to fulfill her role as a mother and an ambitious woman. Jane later told the People that though children should be a mother's top priority, it doesn't mean she should compromise on her ambitions.  

Pauley's Husband Is a Renowned Cartoonist!   

Garry Trudeau rose to prominence when he won the Pulitzer for creating Doonesbury comic strip. A New York-born cartoonist, Garry is also widely known for creating Amazon studios' political series, Alpha House. He graduated from Yale University; his daughter Rachel would follow in his footsteps and enroll in the same university later.    

Pauley interviewed her award-winning husband on Sunday Morning. 
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Trudeau no longer writes the daily Doonesbury, but he does contribute to the strip's Sunday edition. Garry also holds several credits as a writer; he wrote and co-produced HBO's Tanner 88, its sequel Tanner on Tanner. Along with Pulitzer, Garry boasts many awards to his name like the Orwell Award, Harvey Award, and more.   

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Pauley and Trudeau have been married for 41 years now. Trudeau has a reputation of being rather reticent than his vocal wife, but the cartoonist did agree to an interview with his wife in 2018. In the interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Trudeau tells his wife that his career as a cartoonist was accidental. 

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