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Who is Maude Apatow Dating? Learn about Maude's Boyfriend

Published Sun Apr 09 2023 By ashma
Who is Maude Apatow Dating? Learn about Maude's Boyfriend

Actress Maude Apatow's relationships and dating life often hit the internet. Let's take a close look inside her romantic life.

A celebrity's love life and personal details are something people show their interest in. Fans are always curious to know what is happening in their favorite star's life behind the camera. Find Maude Apatow's personal life and relationship in the piece below. You must be familiar with this name as the actress has given a remarkable performance in her hit drama series Euphoria.

Is the Hexi Howard from the series Euphoria dating someone? What is her relationship status as of 2023? Let's discover her love life and marriage plans in this article below. Further, you will also get to know about the actress' past relationships, social life, and net worth in this article. So without further delay scroll down to learn the dating story of a beautiful actress, Maude Apatow.

Is Maude Apatow Dating Someone? Her Boyfriend in 2023?

The American actress Maude Apatow, who is in her mid-20s, seems to lead a single life. Apatow hasn't introduced anyone as her boyfriend or partner in recent times. Also, the media personality has yet to reveal her love affairs. 

Actress, Maude Apatow's current relationship status is unclear
Actress Maude Apatow's current relationship status is unclear

Though the actress shares a close relationship with her friends and co-workers, she is yet to speak up about anything in her love life. Apatow's costar from the drama Euphoria, Zendaya, is currently ruling over the internet and social media with her flawless romance with actor Tom Holland. The duo shows their romance on every possible platform. Also, the media and magazines are seen busy covering their love life.

Coming back to the dating life of Maude Apatow, the media personality is seen as busy with her career now. She is seen actively present in different events and projects now. 

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However, there is no clue about her current relationship. She may or may not be in a romantic relationship now. Also, there is no clue about her marriage or engagement plans.

What Is Maude Apatow's Relationship With Sam Koppelman?  

The Euphoria alum, Maude Apatow, has been in several relationships in the past, as per various outlets. The beautiful actress is a center of attraction for many guys. She made news headlines for her dating relationships in the past multiple times. However, she hasn't been linked with anyone in current times.

Once, Maude was rumored to be in a dating relationship with Sam Koppelman. Mr. Koppelman is a speechwriter and a New York Times Bestselling author. The duo is speculated to start dating each other in the last year i.e. 2022. Sam and Maude were spotted together for an outing.

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However, there is no confirmation of their dating life. Koppelman and Apatow may or may not have been in a relationship. The news of their togetherness hit the internet soon after fans spotted Maude and Sam together. However, it is not known whether the duo is a couple or they were just friends.

Did Maude Apatow Dated Lukas? Inside Their Dating Rumors

Besides Koppelman, Maude Apatow has been linked with actor Lukas also. The actress shared a picture of the pair with the caption I love You. Soon after her Instagram post, rumors of their dating circulated the internet. Sadly, their relationship has not been confirmed. Neither the actress shares anything about her romance with Lukas.

Maude Apatow with actor, Lukas
Maude Apatow with actor, Lukas

The duo is a good friend and shares a close bond. Lukas and Maude's dating rumors sparkled in early 2023. However, neither of them accepted their relationship. Further, the actor, Lukas, is in an alleged romantic relationship with celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Social Life

The 5 feet 4 inches tall actress, Maude Apatow, is an active social media user. She prefers to share her details and a glimpse of her professional commitments on her Instagram account @maudeapatow. 

Maude often posts pictures of her loved ones on her social media accounts. We can see her chemistry with her costars on her Instagram page. Further, Apatow's closeness with her showbiz friends often gives sparks her romantic life.

Actress, Maude Apatow with her showbiz friends
Actress Maude Apatow with her showbiz friends

The American actress is close to her family, friends, and belongings. Apatow is a fun-loving person and never misses an opportunity to enjoy herself on different occasions. We can see her fun moments with her friends and co-workers. Likewise, the actress doesn't seem to have a bad relationship with anyone. She is often captured with her costars in different events.

Apatow Is a Millionaire

The House of Tomorrow alum has a net worth of around $25 Million, as per She earned major of her wealth from her successful acting career. Further, the lady has been a part of the showbiz world from a young age. No doubt, she collected a hefty amount as an actress. Besides acting, she also adds a decent amount to her name from her involvement in different commercials, events, and social media platforms.

Actress, Maude Apatow is a millionaire
Actress Maude Apatow is a millionaire.

Apatow is one of the most influential actresses of recent times. Likewise, she is growing as an actress and undoubtedly earns more in the upcoming days. The media personality has enough money to live a quality life with her belongings. Besides, we can see her high-profile lifestyle on her Instagram account as well as on other media platforms. She often flaunts her luxurious lifestyle.

Movies and TV Shows

The celebrity daughter (daughter of actress Leslie Mann and producer Judd Apatow) started her showbiz career in 2004 as a child artist. Maude Apatow has a strong presence on both small and big screens. Likewise, Apatow is famous for her role as Lexi Howard in the drama Euphoria.

The Young Artist Award nominee has movies and TV show credits like Girls, Hollywood, Euphoria, Pantheon, Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Other People, The King of Staten Island, and more. 

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