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Who is Natalie Halcro Dating In 2021?

Published Fri Apr 09 2021 By Jessica
Who is Natalie Halcro Dating In 2021?

Is Natalie Halcro Dating Anyone In 2021? The Brief Summary Here! 

Natalie Halcro is a Canadian television personality and an aspiring model. Although a growing name in social media, Halcro hasn't gotten her big break yet that can take her to mainstream modeling. 

The Canadian model is known for her close bond with the Kardashian family; she even starred alongside them with her cousin Olivia Pierson in their own show Relatively Nat & Live for one season.  

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Born on February 2, 1988, in Langley, Canada, Natalie is also a social media influencer; she has almost 5 million followers on Instagram and shares snippets of her glamourous life on it. She is also a mother to a daughter that she birthed very recently. Continue reading for more details on the hot 33 years old model's sensational life. 

Is Natalie Halcro Dating Anyone In 2021? 

To settle the persisting rumors of the 33 years old model being married once and for all, well, she isn't. Natalie Halcro after the birth of her baby daughter Dove refused to reveal the baby's father's name, her fans have hence taken it upon themselves to find the guy, and there are possible names flying around at the moment. 

Model and entrepreneur, Natalie Halcro has dated popular men including Shaun Philips.
Photo Source: Instagram (nataliehalcro)

As of 2021, Natalie was dating Shaun Philips, former NFL footballer, with whom she split ways just days ago, as per sources. It is speculated that maybe it wasn't a swift and amicable break-up, as news of Natalie getting pissed on seeing her ex Philips at her friend's birthday party surfaced recently. 

The 33-year-old model's relationship status is currently single, but fans on Twitter believe that Natalie and Philips will surely rekindle their romance in no time. 

Natalie Halcro's Past Relationships   

Natalie might be just at the onset of her glamourous career, but the model has already made vast connections inside Hollywood's famous names.

Natalie previously dated the actor and model Aygemang Clay, who appeared along with Natalie on the reality show "Wet your Whistler" (Wags); they were known for their on-and-off romance.   

Influencer Natalie Halcro poses with her daughter Dove for Pretty Little Thing. 
Photo Source: Instagram (nataliehalcro)

Natalie even revealed bits of her and Clay's relationship on her Youtube page, and the model explained that she and Clay had to call quits because Clay wanted to take things forward, and she was all invested in her career.  

Apart from the NFL athlete and the actor, her name is tied to Andre Drummond; her fans hence believe that Andre is her baby's father, although there is nothing solid to support the speculation. 

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Natalie had shared many glimpses of her pregnancy and the beautiful journey on her Instagram page and received congratulatory messages from her friend Kim Kardashian and many other famous acquaintances like Paris Hilton, Christina Milian, and Lily Ghalichi.

Judging from her social media pages,  Halcro seems set on not wanting to share anything romantic and personal about her life.  

Natalie Halcro's Career  

Natalie reportedly made her modeling debut when she was only 12, and she was signed by Next model agency by the time she was 16; the stunning model has since then worked for brands like Nike, La Senza, Cache, Kohls, and Old Navy, etc.   

Natalie twinning with friend Kim Kardashian

Natalie Halcro started modeling at the age of 12 and now is a successful model and a fashion blogger.  
Photo Source: Instagram

Halcro has become a most-talked-about television star, has created the most buzz in her Instagram pages with her perfect bikini figure and trendy content. Natalie and her cousin Olivia recently co-founded the fashion blog named Jerome. And, Halcro's bank balance is only going up with the new venture.

Additionally, Natalie has also worked closely with the Kardashians and even appeared on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Speaking of which, the Kardashian sisters even attended Natalie's daughter Dove's second birthday. Khloe Kardashian also shared snaps of her daughter True Thompson from the birthday bash. Needless to mention, Natalie has made a close bonding with the TV stars.

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