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Who Is Nazo Ekezie' Husband? Grab All The Details Of Her Married Life And Dating History!

Published Fri Aug 02 2019 By Sea
Who Is Nazo Ekezie' Husband? Grab All The Details Of Her Married Life And Dating History!

What goes on in behind the scenes of Nollywood's adored actress Nazo Ekezie's life? Since admitting she stopped wearing pants in January this year, her private life goes on to be unexposed.

The Nigerian beauty wanted 'a man so bad' in January, one who would love her for who she is off-screen, rather than as an actor. And after stating such a thing, she may have found it immediately after. Check out this post from Ekezie on Instagram in March.

That's fellow co-star Mofe Duncan with her, from her first production 'Flawed: The Movie' in 2018.

Have💖 you💛 ever💝 been💗 in💜 love❤with💝someone💞 you💚 are💛 terrified🧡 of💜getting💖 married to?


Born in Ozubulu, Anambra State, Ekezie brought Duncan back to her feed half a year after the movie was started to be filmed with no mention of the movie. Hashtag love... That ought to get us excited. With so many different variations of heart emojis, love is absolutely brewing.

It also looks like they were ready to get married at the time. She may have risen above the terror of marriage and already done it outside the spotlight. She should just get it out in the open if anything. Fans are dying to see who her beau could be.

There's more. In Duncan's life, actually. In April, news broke out that his third marriage with Jessica ended after three years. Then, another report said a woman was duped by Duncan, who later cleared it out saying that he was also getting scammed as well. Someone was apparently fooling a woman for a year with his photos.

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Duncan is a beloved personality in the Nollywood industry, and he's been patient enough in retrospect to Ekezie's words.

I want someone who would be patient enough to know me and not look at me from the movie angle. I would love someone who sees me as Nazo and not an actress all the time.

It sure looks like it worked out. Then in June, another post came out. Both the pair posted the same photo with the same caption, down to every last symbol. And Ekezie had nothing to do with the movie 'When the Truth Lies'!

There was someone else in Ekezie's life in February as well. That was during the shooting of 'The Unsaid' with Ifeanyi Kalu. She called him 'cutie', but then again she already told us to shut up.

Having started out on acting in 2010, Ekezie may have wanted to hush us out on any rumor that may arise due to the photo. Working out on dating Duncan perhaps?

Whatever may be her old flames, Ekezie did mention she wanted a serious relationship. And she may have got that in Duncan, seeing that they hang out quite often. Way to go Nazo!