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Why We Shouldn't Judge Taylor Selfridge Over Her Racist Tweets From Several Years Ago!

Published Tue Aug 20 2019 By Travis
Why We Shouldn't Judge Taylor Selfridge Over Her Racist Tweets From Several Years Ago!

Taylor Selfridge's old tweets resurfaced and why people should not judge her from those tweets of years past.

The racist tweets from Taylor’s years past came to light again, there is no hiding from the fact, or there is no defending what she said. If you ask Taylor, she will obviously tell you how those tweets do not reflect who she is as a person.

The tweets are bad, and the way she made the tweets seems like someone else saying it, and she is only quoting the person is equally bad. No one is going to defend things like, “Asked my dad to help me wrap “The only kind of ‘wrapping’ I do is ‘nigga wrap.’” These are just bad, and you probably get the point by now.

Let’s go back a little, the first racist tweet surfaced in 2011, when Taylor turned 17 years old. The tweet read, “Black pussy is probably really scary” and it didn’t stop there, “We have to greet everyone at work but sometimes I won’t great the black people cause they scare me,” she wrote in another tweet. “My uncle is dating an Asian. Aunt Ping please make me sushi,” read another tweet.

March of 2013 was the last time she posted such tweet, and by the time she was 19 years old reaching an age of a responsible adult, she stopped with her racist tweets. We all know how we were in our teenage, and not all of us were racist, but we held certain biases, and we felt strongly about those prejudices when we were younger.

We here held a certain amount of firmly held believes when we were younger, before LGBTQ became socially acceptable, we were in schools and colleges, and there was a certain amount of hate and bias against the community. At a certain point or other, we probably used a homophobic slur knowingly or just in passing to tease friends.

It felt normal at the time, but it is not normal, are we sorry for being naïve and stupid and ignorant? Yes, everyone who grew up and learned is, we grow and we learn acceptance, it is what life is all about, moving forward learning, from your mistakes and from your past experiences. The person who keeps on his/her past believes they are the ones who are stuck in stagnation and never grow.

Taylor said those things, there is no getting around the fact, but people should know one thing, she is not the same person she was when those tweets were written. Immaturity and ignorance is something which haunted every one of us, and the things she did in the past are coming back to bite her because of social media.

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge.
Cory Wharton said he is supporting his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

Source: People

The same was the case for one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood last year when right-wing agitators dug up some old tweets by Kevin Hart where he was homophobic. The backlash caused Kevin to step away from the Oscars hosting gig, and he made numerous apologies, even though he apologized and said he was not the same person when the tweets surfaced the first time. This constant vilifying of people needs to stop; people made some bad choices when they were young, and it should not smear their name and their career for one bad choice.

As teenagers, we were given the immense power of social media, and we never understood what it was at first. Taylor didn’t either, she posted how she felt then, but should a momentary lapse of reason follow her for the rest of her life when we know she grew up and learned from the time she was just an 18-year-old teen?

Life is about getting and giving chances; the whole world was created on chance. We all made mistakes, and we were given opportunities to grow and learn, the same amount of consideration should be given to the talented Instagram personality.

At this point even if Taylor apologizes there will be a considerable amount of backlash, which is why after recently making her Instagram account public, Taylor disabled the comments on her photos. She knows some fans on the younger side will be immature like she was when she was a teenager (and wrote those racist things).

When she apologizes and tells her side of the story along with what was going through her head when she decided to send out those racist tweets, people will forgive her. There will be a few who will want to boycott her or ban her from Instagram, but one thing should be clear to everyone, if people want to change then they must be given a chance to be the best person they can be. We and Taylor’s fans know, those tweets are not who she is as a person or as a human being.