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Who is Yo Gotti Son? Here's All the Details of His Personal Life

Published Mon Feb 08 2021 By Bran
Who is Yo Gotti Son? Here's All the Details of His Personal Life

Grab all the details you need to know regarding the son of renowned Hip hop sensation Yo Gotti right here.

Yo Gotti, aka Mario Sentell Giden Mims, is someone with lots of fan-following with his enormous legacy in the world of music. Over the years, he came up with some highly-rated albums such as 'Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game', 'Self-Explanatory,' and 'I Am.' 

The talented songwriter became such a huge persona in the world of music, which passed on his fame to his family as well. His personal life, family, and children have caught the eye of the majority of the public in recent times. 

The legacy of Yo Gotti is unquestioned considering his contribution in the world of music, hip hop in particular, for the past few decades. That is perhaps the reason why his family members, children specifically, have gained a celebrity status themselves. 

One of his daughters, De'arra Taylor, is a YouTube sensation, and but Yo Gotti's son is still somewhat under the radar. Stay here as we bring you close to the details. 

Yo Gotti's Son Lives A Private Life

Yo Gotti poses a picture with his kids.

Yo Gotti never disclosed the name of his son to the media.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Being a son of a celebrity figure like Yo Gotti brings a tremendous amount of pressure, and his son definitely has to live up to that. The 39-year-old Hip Hop singer's family always will get the extra spotlight for their ties, which would always violate their private lives. 

Yo Gotti's son is someone who belongs to the same category as he is one of the three kids of Yo Gotti with his beloved wife, Lakeisha Mims. Surprisingly, unlike his YouTube star sister, De'arra Taylor, very little is given away to the media, be it his name or his story.

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It's quite a surprise noticing how a star man like Yo Gotti's son is a secret to this very date. However, we do know that his son isn't the only child in their family. In fact, he was the third child, the youngest one. 

He shares his bloodline with two adorable sisters who didn't include the likes of De'arra Taylor. Only time will tell if the celebrity child will ever decide to follow his dad into the music industry or do something else as he grows up later.

Yo Gotti poses a picture with De'arra Taylor.

Yo Gotti owns a whopping net worth of $5.5 million as of 2021.
Photo Source: Bckonline

Yo Gotti's son might have had everything while growing up in terms of wealth and infrastructure, but what he missed is the combined love of parents. It was a heartbreak for him to witness his parents getting divorced during his childhood. 

Later on, Gotti went on to share an extramarital affair with Jammie Moses, which led them to welcome three kids. Interestingly, De'arra Taylor is his step-sister instead, but that doesn't deteriorate the relationship they share as siblings.

Yo Gotti's Father Is A Multi-Millionaire By Net Worth

The income status of American rapper Yo Gotti is something that gives his son the most lavish life to live by. Specifically, the hip hop singer gathers a staggering net worth of $5.5 million as of February 2021. Such a colossal bank balance is what lets all six of his children have a strong financial backup to make some spending. 

However, that doesn't mean that his kids are completely dependent on him. His daughter, De'arra Taylor, is perhaps an example for all the women around the world as she works hard enough to make a name for herself as a YouTube star

Yo Gotti poses a picture.

Yo Gotti is a father of six adorable children.
Photo Source: Pure Net Worth

The sister of Yo Gotti's son, De'arra Taylor, owns a whopping net worth of $2.5 million. Since the life of the Memphis-born singer is still lowkey and under the radar, nothing can be disclosed regarding his occupation, schooling, or net worth. 

However, one thing is sure that he definitely has a six-figure bank balance who gets to spend around all the modern-amenities, especially in the forms of cars and vehicles.

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