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You Wouldn't Believe How Many People Died On Game Of Thrones - The Stats Are Insane!

Published Wed May 29 2019 By David
You Wouldn't Believe How Many People Died On Game Of Thrones - The Stats Are Insane!

Someone worked out how many people died on GoT and it’s insane.

Despite the critics' review, no series is as synonymous with deaths as HBO’s Game of Thrones. The number of deaths has always been insane for the show and someone has worked out exactly how many people lost their lives over its eight seasons.

The Washington Post shows an astounding infographic that tells all 6,887 deaths from GoT. The list ranges from "Waymar Royce’s" death by "White Walker" in the very first episode, all the way through to "Daenerys Targaryen" (Emilia Clarke) being stabbed by "Jon Snow" (Kit Harrington).

Waymar Royce is the first character in to die in Game of Thrones. 
SOURCE: Radio Times 

Major events like the Battle of Winterfell are also highlighted; and according to the stats, 1,928 wights perished in Season 8’s third episode. The battle also accounted for the loss of 730 horses and 51 Unsullied.

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There’s an overview of the Seven Kingdoms’ most deadly killer. Looking at who committed the most murders, the award goes to Drogon with 1,426 deaths. Though this should technically count as Daenerys’ doing, she’s not even in the Top 5.

Drogon ranks as the top killer in Game of Thrones with 1,426 deaths. 
SOURCE: Nerdist

Elsewhere, Maise William’s "Arya Stark" (the assassin) comes in second place with an equally impressive 1,278 kills; thanks to her Valyrian dagger which she pierced through the "Night King' subsequently killing all the wights and white walkers. Drogon’s brother, "Rhaegal" killed 273, "Cersei's" assault on the Great Sept of Baelor gains her 199, and the force of "Jon Snow" totals 112 murders.

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A wight, Dothraki rider, part of the Golden Company, or a Lannister soldier was always most likely to get killed.

When it comes to a weapon of choice, 1,244 death was caused by magic incidents (normally a dragons’ fire), blades were responsible for 801 deaths, and 209 characters were killed by arrows.

Winterfell saw the most number of deaths among any other place in Game of Thrones.
Source: Fandom

Things may have started off pretty composed with Season 1’s 59 deaths. It, however, is also the period where we lost big players like "Ned Stark" and "Khal Drogo." We then run through Season 2’s Battle of Blackwater, the loss of "Cat" and "Robb" at the Red Wedding, the Hardhome. Season 8 showed us a gruesome 4,548 number of deaths.

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As for most vulnerable zones, it turns out you should probably avoid Winterfell. The Stark’s home has held court for a staggering 3,709 deaths in comparison to KingsLanding’s 1,357 deaths.