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YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming On The Platform

Published Wed Jun 05 2019 By Chester
YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming On The Platform

Popular streaming site Youtube sets a strict policy to restrain kids from adult content.

With an end goal to restrain kids from adult content, YouTube has refreshed its security arrangements and rules to forbid underage youths from streaming except if they have a grown-up with them.

The wellbeing of kids and families on the video staging has for some time been a subject of worry that is turned out to be more discussed as of late, and YouTube says the limitation on the service's feature is one of the different ways to play it safe for more younger audiences and content creators.

Youtube bans minor for streaming unless accompanied by an adult.

YouTube secured this recent project and others sharing in a blog post which talked about what has and is being done to examine YouTube's more youthful statistic.

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The blog entry is referred to recorded the bounds of live streams from more youthful minors as the first of a few changes have been made in the course in recent months. Except if they're joined by a grown-up and any channel that violates the rule may lead to the channel suspension and evacuation.

“We updated enforcement of our live streaming policy to specifically disallow younger minors from live streaming unless they are clearly accompanied by an adult,”

YouTube’s blog post said 'Channels not in compliance with this policy may lose their ability to live stream. We also launched new classifiers (machine learning tools that help us identify specific types of content) on our live products to find and remove more of this content.'

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This change follows a move from months back where YouTube chose it would disable comments on "a huge number of videos including children contents ." This change was made to decrease the risk of exploitation with regards to these more youthful YouTubers.

In an effort to combat child exploitation on its platform, YouTube has banned live streaming by unaccompanied minors
SOURCE: Digital Music News

However, through the post, YouTube shared that it may result in expelling the prominent comment features on video. The official statement by Youtube reads,

“We recognize that comments are a core part of the YouTube experience and creators have told us they feel we removed a valuable way for them to connect with and grow audiences, but we strongly believe this is an important step to keeping young people safe on YouTube.”

YouTube has never truly been for children however, a point the post clarified toward the start. YouTube Kids was made to give that crowd an approach to encounter YouTube thus that guardians could have more control. As indicated by the update, YouTube ends "a huge number of records every week" that are held by individuals younger than 13.

So guys what do you think about Youtube new policy? Well, restricting youths and underage kids from adult content is definitely a good policy by Youtube. We fully support and agree with the decision and hope to see it implemented soon. 

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