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4lung Controversy: Here's What We Know So Far, It's Still Hazy Though!

Published Tue Sep 15 2020 By Kenshinpark
4lung Controversy: Here's What We Know So Far, It's Still Hazy Though!

Disclaimer: We will try to cover this article by being as unbiased as possible; however, some points may hurt the feelings of some groups. People with faint hearts are advised to leave from here.

For people looking to dig further about 4lung Controversy, the topic is still hazy; it comes from people accusing 4lung of being a "pedophilia." We will cover the story only ostensibly and leave everything for you to decide.

But before we dive into the topic right away, here's what you should know about 4lung. 

4lung, who is also known as Hushy, is a self-taught music composer who dropped out of her school and dabbled in a wide variety of musical genres. Currently, the musician is widely known for her "breakcore" genre of music.

Four long, as we can see from her several unverified biographies, had a rough childhood. She was clinically diagnosed with ADHD, the musician was born with a club foot and wore corrective brace fro a fair share of her life, 4lung was also diagnosed with ideational Dyspraxia

Well, things didn't stop for her there; according to some sources, Hushy was also a victim of consistent delusions. Despite all the problems she has and faced in her life so far, it's hard to bring her down with mean comments. (As stated by some of her fans.)

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Since we are talking about her fans, this brings to our topic of the day, "4Lung Controversy." What exactly is the 4lung Controversy, and how it all started? Here's what we know so far.

4lung Controversy: How It All Started?

As the title suggests, "it's a controversy," and just to be honest, we haven't gone to the depth of the subject and only sharing what went back then, and why this '4lung controversy' is making the rounds on the internet.

Back in 2017, 4lung, aka Hushy, was under fire for "following pedophiles" on her SoundCloud. After the incident, Hushy became a controversial figure. But the twist was, the people were divided with their views. 

4lung controversy, 4lung drama.

She is the one! 4lung Controversy, 4lung drama, everything leads to her.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

4lung is a trans woman; following the Controversy, the LGBTQ community supported her, while people were not at all happy about queer's community's action to back her for what she did.

One of the members of the LGBTQ community, Chrisinthe Abyss, on her blog, kind of defended 4lung's action on her social media (link)

The blogger, on her post, wrote,

"four lung went from just having a fetish to associating with and defending known pedophiles. This is alarming, and the safest action is to disavow her. insofar as an LGBTQ community exists, we must center it around the safety, comfort, and nurturing of LGBT children; this means vocally disavowing and materially preventing normalization of pedophilia."

4lung controversy, 4lung drama.

4lung, aka Hushy, is a trans musician who produces beatcore music. Following her 4lung drama, she was heavily backed by the trans community, but people were not happy with the community's action.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Well, Chrisinthe made their point clear that they are not in support of anything related to pedophilia. Still, their point was, 4lung Controversy was nothing but propaganda by transmisogynist people to vilify trans women and has nothing to do with "protecting children."

Abyss wrote, 

"We put trans artists on pedestals because there are so few. please do not forget that any trans artist you know is just as messy and traumatized as you and cannot be a tidy role model exile for a trans artist disproportionately means death. this has always been true regardless of this situation. materially, trans artists cannot find success outside of internet communities, and trans women cannot find jobs in society. please always keep in mind how fragile existence is for all of us."

But, people were not at all happy with this statement. One of the Twitter users put forward their views on why it's terrible to defend or support 4lung. On their tweet, they wrote,

"People responding to the 4lung shit saying it's transmisogynistic that people are talking about this because she's trans can go straight to hell. how dare you send a message to your underage trans girl followers that uncritical solidarity is more important than their safety. f*ck you."

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You can check the whole thread by the user here (link), and pretty much made his idea clear that why it's not a "hate against the trans community," but is a severe issue. 

The whole controversy thing subsided after a few months, but recently, it was brought back again, when one of 4lung's song, Puppy Lasagna, was featured on TikTok.

4lung's "Puppy Lasagna" Song Brought Back the 4Lung Controversy

People came to know about who 4lung is, but the controversial thing was pretty hazy for them as there is hardly any information on the internet. However, we were able to find a few details, and by now, you also know them.

Hushy was pretty much out of the music scene following the pedophile controversy. But recently, the whole thing was started again when one of the TikTok users featured her song on the short video making platform.

4lung's Puppy Lasagna is a 2018 song (link) that was recently featured on one of the TikTok users' profiles, following which people were furious. There are thousands of netizens protesting the action on their own way.

One of the Twitter users wrote,

"why is there a 4lung audio on tiktok and why are people willingly using it knowing 4lung is a pedo.. 'I don't support 4lung, but I love this song!!!.' B*tch she is just saying puppy lasagna for 15 seconds straight you can easily just find a new song to lip-sync to."

The same user further added, 

"I UNDERSTAND separating artists from their music and shit, but I don't know, I just think it's different when it comes to literal just doesn't sit right with me."

That's what we know so far, and anything beyond this is a matter to be investigated by the proper authorities. People on the internet are claiming something horrific, what if it turns out wrong, or right? It's scary both ways.

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