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50 Cent Says 'Power' Can't Afford Him Anymore, Wants To Direct Marvel Movie

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By Travis
50 Cent Says 'Power' Can't Afford Him Anymore, Wants To Direct Marvel Movie

50 Cent is done with 'Power,' says they can't afford him no more. Wants to direct a Marvel movie next!

There is no one better at Instagram than 50 cent, whether you are a fan or not this man’s Instagram page is a must-follow because when it comes to entertaining people through the image sharing site, there is truly no one in the world which we can genuinely say can give 50 a run for his money. From trolling to promoting himself the whole game of social media is under lock and key with 50, and he is protecting the whole thing with a “strap.”

The man does everything, from selling his vitamin company to scaring the sh*t out of people on social media. But now the man is stepping into the arena of directing and already thinks of himself as one of the greatest to ever do it.

50 Cent
50 Cent directed an episode in the sixth season of Power.

Source: The Root

50 started the series 'Power' on Starz, and it is one of the biggest show of the channel since 50 is the executive producer for the series and also a star, he finally got the chance to direct an episode of ‘Power.’ The most talked-about directorial debut finally happened, and for the first time, 50 got behind the camera to take over the reins and make the show his way.

It is not a surprising fact; 50 Cent is slowly trying to break into the movie industry. The actor is already a part of numerous big hit movie, but the one this missing from the New York rapper’s repertoire is a leading role in a big film. So, the rapper is trying any which way possible to make his mark in the movie industry in the same way he did with rap music.

50 Cent
50 Cent is slowly trying to move into the movie industry.

Source: FACT Magazine

The episode directed by 50 was fine, but like in true 50 fashion, the actor/rapper took to Instagram to brag about his directing prowess and saying how is a big shot and a small channel like Starz cannot afford him. The rapper wrote on Instagram, “Now that I’m a big director and all, STARZ can’t afford to pay me to do another episode of POWER,” the debutant director shared with a funny photo. “I think I’ll do the next MARVEL MOVIE. if it doesn’t require to much of my time. LOL.”

50 Cent
50 Scorsese is ready to direct a Marvel movie and leave his TV roots behind.

Source: Instagram

The photo he shared was funnier than what he wrote in the caption, in the photo he shared 50 photoshopped his face on Martin Scorsese’s head, keeping the trade-mark silver hair and eyebrow along with his glasses. On the bottom, left corner of the photo read, “50 Scorsese,” which is really funny.

Marvel is currently working with a full slate of films coming from 2020 to the end of 2021. Almost all the casting calls and hiring for the movies are done, which means 50 will need to wait till phase 5 to get his shot at directing a Marvel movie. Maybe not behind the camera but we would love to see 50 make a cameo or even play a role in one of the Marvel movies, it would be so much fun to see the actor in a superhero movie.

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None of the scenarios are likely to happen but just in case, throw your hand in the game, who knows maybe the Marvel people will ask 50 to come and do something with the MCU.