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home Entertainment 90 Day Fiance's Jonathan Rivera Makes It Instagram Official With New Girlfriend!

90 Day Fiance's Jonathan Rivera Makes It Instagram Official With New Girlfriend!

Published Fri Jun 14 2019 By David
90 Day Fiance's Jonathan Rivera Makes It Instagram Official With New Girlfriend!

Jonathan Rivera: 90 Day Fiance Star Goes Instagram Official With New Girlfriend!

About a month prior, '90 Day Fiance' alum Jonathan Rivera announced his girlfriend to the world.

All things considered, he revealed he had a girlfriend -- and that she was hot. He, however, kept her face concealed, almost to the point of ridiculousness.

This week, Jonathan is presenting her off to the world, face included. They are going an Instagram official.

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Jonathan has spent weeks working up publicity for his new love.

A month ago, they were on a provocative, romantic voyage.

He didn't timid far from boasting her bikini-clad skin or flaunting her curves.

Though, her face remained a mystery.

It wasn’t until June 13, when Rivera finally decided to take the mask off. "WCW. Woman Crush Wednesday,” Jonathan wrote on the date.

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Though her identity still remains unknown, we've at least seen her face. And it's only a matter of time before someone comes forward with a name.

If fans are lucky, she and Jonathan may themselves be forthcoming about their relationship.

Clearly, both of the new love birds clarified that they both enjoy being beautiful people on a hot cruise.

Yet fans want to know more about them; how did the two of them meet; is she another gal from Lumberton, NC?

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Or did Jonathan meet her while he was in the midst of a furlough, similar to how he met his ex-wife, Fernanda Flores?

Jonathan Rivera is yet to reveal the details regarding where he first met his new girlfriend.
SOURCE: Instagram 

For a long time, bits of gossip about Jonathan and Fernanda's split has asserted he was cheating on them before their separation.

In particular, rumors claimed it was common knowledge in Lumberton that he was stepping out on her.

Jonathan, however, has made it clear that he was never unfaithful to Fernanda.

And keeping in mind that there's no love lost between these exes anymore, Fernanda has not repudiated Jonathan's statement.

Not publicly, at least. Having said that it’s anybody’s guess as to what either of them may be saying about the other behind closed doors.

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As of late, Fernanda made a lot of cases about Jonathan, including that he's not actually as wealthy as he appears.

Flores says he owes more than he actually makes in duties (except he got big into cryptocurrency).

Some perceived Fernanda making these claims were brought on by envy in the wake of seeing Jonathan with his new lady love.

Jonathan Rivera was previously in a relationship with Fernanda Flores.
SOURCE: People 

But Jonathan cleared up that he had just signed the divorce papers.

Which suggests Fernanda was holding up until she realized that she was free to speak out.

And now they're both free of one another.

Honestly, the majority of the people think this is because neither of them has sat down and told all, in a meeting or an essay, the actual reason behind their breakup.

Different groups have their own odds and ends -- including claims that Fernanda wanted to live in a city while Jonathan favored working in the town where he lives.

With so much fan hypothesis, however, it's natural people are being both frustrated that the former exes haven't told the "whole story."