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A Scientific Study Unearths The Reason People Love The Avengers Movies!

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By David
A Scientific Study Unearths The Reason People Love The Avengers Movies!

Scientists try to explain why everyone loves the ‘Avengers’ movies.

In recent times, Marvel movies are some of the most successful and beloved Hollywood blockbusters of all time. Sure, Avengers: Endgame can’t seem to surpass Avatar for the all-time highest grossing movies, but you’d struggle to discover to find another collection of properties fit for pulling in numbers as such the Avengers and its related origin sub stories.

But why is the franchise so popular? Is it simply the A-listers that pack the cast, or is there a pattern at work that viewers just can’t see? That is the thing analysts from the ARC Center of Excellence For Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) wanted to figure out.

Why is Marvel so popular? (Source: Medium)

In a new study, the examination group applied factual models to the Marvel universe films trying to determine if cast size plays a role in how well every movie performed. This methodology is frequently used in ecological research, but did it work for superhero featurettes?

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“We’re huge fans of the recent suite of Marvel movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it’s called,” one of the research members, Matthew Roughan explained to TechXplore. “We feel that the producers, directors, actors, and the rest of the large production family are doing something unique in the history of movie-making, so we set out to quantify that.”

Plotting each movie based on the “successful number of characters,” the researchers were able to conclude that not only do sequels to every storyline tend to lift the number of characters in ensuing movies, but that the profitability (considering gross income and budget) of the film slanted upward as well with not many exemptions.

Every Marvel Movies before Infinity Saga. (Source: List Challenges)

The strategy of releasing a prime plot of origin stories and then expanding on the more extensive Avengers cast as the different Marvel phases advancement turned out to be an ideal strategy for building publicity. It assumed control over a decade to gain the moment the series conveyed into Endgame, yet it seems to have been well justified, despite all the trouble.

On a similar note, here are some other reasons as to why people love the Marvel universe.  

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- They appeal to many demographics of people; children, men, women alike.

- They’re always part-fun orientated. The humor isn’t particularly 18+ and can be accepted by many.

- They aren’t hostile. If you hate a Marvel movie, odds are you believe it’s “trying to show lack of enthusiasm” rather than outrightly disdain it.

Marvel movies are often beloved for their humorous mix in the story. (Source: Marvel: Thor: Ragnarok)

- The characters are affable and inoffensive. People adore them and feel familiar towards them. Even the new superheroes or individuals seem to have “Marvel” written all over them.

- The movie-makers almost always play it safe with their narration. They are easy to comprehend. Everything you need to know is quite apparent. However, to appreciate everything you do need to go back and watch all the movies that came prior to a certain film.

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- But this only works in Marvel’s favor. Even now, some people just started watching them from the beginning.

- The fact that there now is a whole cinematic universe of characters and worlds is only going to expand their extent. Not only fans are open to new identities, but the old ones are always going to allure default followers (more as some sort of a backup). There aren’t many series that could benefit from this ideology. Marvel is now a well respected, reputable brand that people are trusting more and more.