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Aladdin: Prince Anders Spinoff Currently in Works at Disney Plus Starring Billy Magnussen

Published Sat Dec 07 2019 By Travis
Aladdin: Prince Anders Spinoff Currently in Works at Disney Plus Starring Billy Magnussen

Aladdin spinoff project is currently underway at Disney Plus starring Billy Magnussen.

Disney Plus got off to a rocky start with the servers being down and people not being able to get on the platform to take pleasure of all the nostalgic content available at Disney. It was a mess, to say the least, when it comes to the launch of the new streaming platform, but since then, it’s been nothing short of magical for Disney.

'The Mandalorian' is getting immense praise, even people who were hating on the 'Star Wars' franchise were coming back on board due to the appeal of the series. 'Baby Yoda' also did his trick on the audiences who are clamoring for the doll to be available during the holiday season (bad new; won’t happen in time).

Disney Plus is a streaming service which was made available on 12 November 2019.
Disney Plus is a streaming service which was made available on 12 November 2019.

Source: TechRadar

So, Disney Plus will soon be saying goodbye to The Mandalorian, which will air the last three episodes of the first season in December (Carl Weathers' character 'Greef Carga' will return in a new way in season 2). Then, after The Mandalorian, there is not much in terms of new shows or movies to keep people hooked.

We expected this to happen; it is a new service, and the Marvel shows are still about a year off, and nostalgic contents are only going to last for so long. So, to make sure they are providing people with new content to enjoy, Disney Plus recently announced they are making a spinoff from the recently released live-action 'Aladdin' movie.

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The character of 'Prince Anders' will return in an unnamed project for Disney Plus with the actor who played the character in the movie, Billy Magnussen, reprising his role. Billy’s character of Prince Anders was one of the suitors of 'Princess Jasmine,' and he was the Prince of a prominent European country, his silly dialogue delivery, and funny demeanor was a hit among the fans.

Now a whole project will be based on the goofiness of the character, which is really welcome. This was not something new for Disney when the studio used to release animated movies in theatres; they used to make sequels for direct-to-video releases. If you were interested enough to check it out, you could get it in-store, or you could just skip it, and nothing would matter.

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Will the new project starring Billy Magnussen in any way shape or form affect the story of 'Aladdin'? Definitely not, it will be loosely based on the movie and then go off do its own thing, and Disney Plus is doing the right thing of populating the streaming platform with content which will enhance the characters in their characters in other movies or shows.

Aladdin was immensely successful, so much so it became the 41st movie to cross the billion-dollar mark. People were expecting a large take by the film at the box office, but no one was expecting the type of numbers 'Aladdin' posted. Though not a critical a darling, the performances of Naomi Scott, Meena Massoud, and Will Smith were lauded, and fans were also taken by the beauty of what they saw on screen.

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The spinoff movie is in no way a ploy by Disney to get more subscribers into their service. Who in their right minds is going to be attracted by a spinoff project based on a character who probably said less than ten lines in the entire film? No one but it is a call back to the time when Disney used to make sequels about their other movies, and no one would even know.

The project is currently without a release date, and it is fun thinking about the sequel/spinoff potentials of other Disney live-action remakes of animated classics. We vote for a 'Gaston' and 'LeFou' live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel!

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