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Who is Alex Berenson's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Published Mon Sep 13 2021 By shirayoky
Who is Alex Berenson's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Learn about Alex Berenson's wife: A look into his married life.

Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times. He is also an author of thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings.

On 06 January 1973, he was born in New York, USA, to Harvey S. Berenson and Ellen V. Berenson. Being a famous and wealthy reporter, many people are curious about his married life too. Let's learn about his wife and marital life below.

Who is Alex Berenson's Wife?

Alex is married to Jacqueline Anne Basha, a forensic psychiatrist. Alex and Jacqueline tied the knot in May 2009 in New York. Their wedding got hosted by Rabbi Barton A. Shallat at the home of the bridegroom’s parents.

Alex Berenson's wife is Jacqueline Anne Basha, a forensic psychiatrist.

Alex Berenson is happily married to his wife, Jacqueline Anne Basha.
Photo Source: The Times

Dr. Jacqueline Anne Basha is the daughter of Phyllis E. Stone of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Joseph S. Basha of Naples, Florida. Dr. Berenson is an emergency room psychiatrist at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital; she also owns a private practice in New York.

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She passed from the Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, from where she received her medical degree. Her father is a retired Army sergeant from the U.S. Her mother is a waitress at Travellers Inn in Saint John, U.S. Even though several years passed, their love for each other is still going sturdy.

Alex Berenson's Book Tell Your Children is One of His Important Works

In 2009, Alex wrote a book called Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, dealing with mental illness and violence, which sparked a controversy. It has been rebuked as a doom-monger and off-based by numerous specific people in logical and clinical communities.

Alex Berenson book Tell Your Children  sparks controversy

Alex Berenson wrote a book called Tell Your Children.
Photo Source: Instagram

He clarified his statement by saying that cannabis causes psychosis and viciousness. Numerous researchers expressed that he is making a wrong determination from the exploration by presumably causation from correlation just as carefully choosing information that accommodates his account.

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He was also succumbing to choice leaning through his utilization of stories to back up his particular statement. Different middle-aged people have been less basic, tolerating the tales as genuine instances of the introduced science.

He also received fault-finding from the people whose expertise he claimed to draw from. Ziva Cooper, the research director for UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative who served as a committee member on the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report pointed out by Berenson and Gladwell, assured that Berenson absolutely misunderstood the report’s conclusions around schizophrenia.

Alex Berenson Talks about Coronavirus!

Alex is challenging has been a critic of social distancing rules from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He claims that after analyzing the data on the crisis daily for weeks, he has concluded that the scheme of shutting down entire sectors of the economy is based on a framework that doesn't add up with the realities of the virus.

Alex Berenson is a critic of the social distancing rules.

Alex Berenson is a critic of the social distancing rules.
Source: Fox Business

In an interview with Fox News, he said, "The response we have taken has caused gigantic socio-political devastation, I don't think that's too strong a word." He said he had been looking at the framework put forward by the Imperial College in London.

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Afterward, one of the authors of the models appeared to significantly walk back projections that the U.K. would see 500,000 people killed by the disease to closer to 20,000 — although the author later explained that the 500,000 prediction was without social distancing measures, and 20,000 was with them in place.

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