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"America's Got Talent" Judge Heidi Klum is Under Self-Quarantine

Published Mon Mar 16 2020 By Eric
"America's Got Talent" Judge Heidi Klum is Under Self-Quarantine

The "America's Got Talent" judge Heidi Klum is under self-quarantine after her sickness due to food poisoning and is waiting for the result of her coronavirus test.

As we stated earlier, the beautiful judge of the AGT, Heidi Klum falls ill during the filming of the show; Today, we are here with a new update on that case.

Though the reason behind Klum's sickness was food poisoning and it has nothing to do with the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, the rising fear in the mass of the pandemic infection made the supermodel make a massive decision of isolate herself and avoid direct contact with everyone. 

 Heidi Klum falls ill during the filming of the show and is waiting for her corona test results.

Heidi Klum is waiting for her corona test result.
Photo Source: Etonline

Heidi is even keeping herself isolated from her hubby Tom Kaulitz; though she wanted to be with him, Klum took those measures to keep him safe and not spreading the germs. She is waiting for her results, which she tested on Saturday on the same day when all production of the American talent show, AGT was paused.

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The 46-years-old actress, on her recent Instagram post, shared her follower about her precaution. Further, she talked about her feelings that she is missing her husband, and until the result of the corona test come in; they will stay away from each other.

Besides, Heidi also revealed, her soulmate Tom Kaulitz is sick after returning from his tour, as a result for not spreading germs to each other the love birds are maintaining healthy distance and are desperate to meet each other. However, it is the precaution they took as responsible citizens of the world.

Heidi is staying apart from her husband Tom until her corona test results come positive.

The pair Klum and Kaulitz are keeping healthy distance for a moment.
Photo Source: Page Six

Klum also informs her followers to stay safe and do whatever they can to defend themselves and their beloved ones from the pandemic virus, Corona. She also shared positive and healing vibes to her fans from her Instagram post as she wished for a bright and healthy future.

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