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Anne Terzian: Ex-Wife of Bob Crane's Net Worth Details Here

Published Fri Mar 12 2021 By Bran
Anne Terzian: Ex-Wife of Bob Crane's Net Worth Details Here

Grab all the details regarding the net worth of Anne Terzian, the ex-wife of late CBS sensation Bob Crane.

Being a celebrity wife is one of the easiest routes to becoming one yourself, and the case is no different with Anne Terzian. Many fans of the 1990s showbiz sector might know her more compared to the present time as she happens to be the ex-wife of Bob Crane

Terzian's former partner was a prominent American actor, drummer, and radio personality! Bob made it big with two Emmy Award nominations.

Anne Terzian came to fame after her marriage to Bob Crane!

Anne Terzian might be less popular than her former husband Bob Crane, but that is obvious considering the legacy that the actor left. While her spouse had an amazing professional journey starring in 'Hogan's Heroes,' she did stand by his side for most of the time until their divorce.

Anne Terzian and her divorced late husband Bob Crane.

Anne Terzian and Bob Crane got divorced in 1970.
Photo Source: AmoMama

Anne Terzian's net worth has been a great subject of interest for people in recent times. Go nowhere as we bring you all the details regarding her bank balance and income.

The Wealth of Anne Terzian: A Six-Figured Net Worth

Anne Terzian might not have been the wife of Bob Crane when he passed away in 1978 and received a significant chunk of his bank balance. But that did increase her bank balance in some certain portion. Getting into the specifics, Bob's ex-wife, Anne, holds an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of March 2021.

Anne Terzian and Bob Crane pose a picture.

Anne Terzian's ex-husband Bob Crane passed away in 1978.
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Being the ex-wife of such a legendary actor cum drummer Bob Crane just meant that Anne got a lot of spotlight as a celebrity partner. Such massive limelight was probably the reason why people still recognize her to this date, probably 42 years after Bob's homicide death.

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Anne Terzian wasn't the only woman that Bob Crane shared his vows with. The pair tied the knot in 1949 after dating for some time. Things were looking blissful for them in the early years, as they were happily married for a total of twenty-one years. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned which forced the pair to split up with a divorce agreement in 1970

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Terzian's former lover and late actor Bob Crane went on to marry Sigrid Valdis in the same year when they broke up with a divorce.  

Anne Terzian: A Mother Of Three Children

Anne Terzian's husband, Bob Crane, might no longer be breathing following his tragic death in 1978, but that isn't all in the bloodline of the actor when the pair were married, although, for only 21 years, they gave birth to three children namely Robert David Crane, Deborah Ann Crane, and Karen Leslie Crane.

Anne Terzian poses a picture with her children.

Anne Terzian and Bob Crane shared three children who are adults now.
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Over the course of an extraordinary career from the 1950s to the late 1970s, Anne's spouse, Bob Crane, gathered a whopping net worth of $250,000 when he died in 1978. Besides 'Hogan's Heroes,' the late actor even appeared in numerous TV shows such as 'The Green Hornet,' 'Love, American Style', and Password.' 

Following the death of Anne Terzian, very little about her life is open to the showbiz sector.

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