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‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Mamoa Wants To Be The Next Wolverine - Is He Fit For The Role?

Published Mon Jun 17 2019 By Travis
‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Mamoa Wants To Be The Next Wolverine - Is He Fit For The Role?

Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in flux, with the release of Endgame, the 22 films 11-year saga came to an end. It was a fun ride while it lasted but you know and we all know, Marvel is not stopping there, makes no sense to stop. Though Captain America and Iron Man are gone, there are rumors of new characters being introduced into the MCU, namely, 'Shang Chi', 'Nova'

The cinematic universe is also ever expanding since the acquisition of Fox by Disney, characters like X-Men and Fantastic Four are finally in the fold for Marvel but this brings a new sort of problem for the studio. It is a question in everyone's mind as to how 'Marvel' will include 'X-Men' and 'Fantastic Four' into the universe. That is going to be a daunting task.

Jason Momoa answered the question of which Marvel character he would like to play by saying, 'Wolverine'.
SOURCE: Cinema Blend

As for now, 'Marvel' has said, the 'X-Men' movie won't be here for a couple of years which is fine, as that gives the execs to think of a plan to incorporate everyone seamlessly. But when they do decide to make the 'X-Men' movie, the directors and producers are going to want their own set of actors portraying the beloved characters. That opens up whole new speculation and talking point for every fan, the question on everyone's mind, who would be best suited to play the characters that have been seen on screen for almost two decades?

The same question was asked to the 'Aquaman' star, Jason Mamoa, at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio. When asked about which 'Marvel' character he would most like to play, he had this to say;

I'd love to play Wolverine... (Hugh Jackman) was phenomenal. I grew up just loving Wolverine.

Beyond the obvious Wolverine look (he even has a cut right above his left eye) he would be a real change of pace as 'Wolverine'. Any recasting of 'Wolverine' will bring an obvious comparison with Hugh Jackman, which is unavoidable and inevitable. Hugh Jackman is the man associated with Wolverine for so long it is going to be hard for everyone to envision someone else wielding the adamantium claws. The studio has two ways to go with the casting of the 'Wolverine', they can go with an unknown actor who will dissolve into the role of 'Wolverine' or they can hire a bonafide superstar who will bring his own spin to the character.

To be honest, when they do recast the character, we don't want to see someone trying to do a Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' impression. Jason Momoa is a big, strong, and sweet guy who will be perfect for the character of 'Wolverine'. 'Logan' is the same big, strong but ultimately kind-hearted and Jason would be so out there with the role it is nice to imagine him in the role.

'DC' fans you don't have to worry though, 'Aquaman' and Wonder Woman are the only two hit movies for Warner Bros. studio with franchise capability. 'Aquaman 2' is already in the works but Justice League is a pipe dream at this point. There will be no overlaps if Jason is hired to play the character by 'Marvel', with the uncertainty of the 'DC' universe and no clear plan for the future Jason may be free in 3-4 years' time.

After portraying the character for 17 years, Hugh Jackman hung up the claws.

This is one of the unlikeliest scenarios to happen, 'DC' and 'Marvel' don't share many actors between them, the most high profile being Ben Affleck as Daredevil and Batman but it is not out of the realm of possibility. When the 'MCU X-Men' movie does make a casting call in the future they will be tasked with bringing in actors who will do justice to the characters. But when it comes to 'Wolverine', the actor needs to be someone who will make people forget about the past and embrace the new man. And who better to do it than the man who has starred in 'Baywatch', then 'Stargate', then 'Game of Thrones' and now in 'Aquaman' plus he was cast in the new 'Dune' movie also.

Jason Momoa would be perfect as the adamantium-clawed Wolverine.
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Jason Momoa knows the value of a franchise and has known the love fans have for particular characters. He can mold himself into any role as evidenced by his IMDb page, he will be a perfect choice (which most probably won't happen) to bring his own spin to the beloved 'Wolverine'. Jason will be a perfect fit and we have a couple of years to play the game, 'who will be best suited for the role'. For now, let's just imagine Jason's smile on Wolverine's face.