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Are Prince Harry And Prince William Feuding Over How to Raise Archie?

Published Mon Jul 15 2019 By Chester
Are Prince Harry And Prince William Feuding Over How to Raise Archie?

Learn the reason behind the ongoing royal scrap between Prince William and Prince Harry.

For over months now we have been hearing news about the feud between two brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William and the recent one jumps right after baby Archie's christening.

When coming to the cause behind the royal brothers feud, the reason varies from one source to another. But, for sure, both the prince have some internal issues going on which they are hiding apart from us.

Some misunderstanding includes, Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle moving out to Frogmore Cottage from Prince William's Kensington Palace where the family used to formally reside together.

Even outsiders can sense the friction, as William and Harry have been making fewer public appearances together (SOURCE: THG)

Some sources even unveils that the shift was precisely due to the tension between two duchess Meghan and Kate Middleton.

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And in the recent rumor, we learned that Meg and Harry have gone to a great length to protect the privacy of their children Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The survival of the British monarchy will “depend on the charm and charisma” of the new generations of royals after the death of the Queen. (SOURCEl: Cosmopolitan)

The little prince Archie, the seventh-in-line to the throne, is eschewed from his royal title so that he can live a 'normal' life.

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But not everyone is happy or satisfied with the decision as inside speakers who spoke to THG shares both Harry, 34, and Will, 37, are just opposite to raise the baby.

The royal family setted a private christening event on July 6 for the baby which Queen Elizabeth II accepted, but William and Kate were not happy about it.

Royal family members during the baptize of baby Archie. (SOURCE: Buckingham palace)

"William thinks his brother is going overboard keeping Archie out of the spotlight," the informant says, noting Harry's older brother "blames Meghan." 

Some even predicted reasons for the internal disputes as all three Archie's cousins from Meg and William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis can be compared and brought up on the topic of monarchy.

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Whatever the reason, Will was reportedly pissed off by the decision of Archie's christening in a press-free occasion.

So, what are your opinions towards this cold war between the brothers? Feel free to share and don't forget to follow us to find updates on the news.