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Who is Bang PD's Girlfriend? Find Out About Her Life, Instagram, and More

Published Sun Aug 09 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Bang PD's Girlfriend? Find Out About Her Life, Instagram, and More

Here's everything you should know about Bang PD's girlfriend: her name, Instagram, age, and more.

Bang PD (born Bang Si-hyuk) is a South Korean lyricist, composer, producer, and record executive—Bang PD, who is also known as hitman bang. Bang is the founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, a company that houses S. Korea's top boyband group, BTS.

Recently, the record producer was in one the headline following his pictures with his rumored girlfriend leaked. While there's nothing wrong with being seen publicly, Bang PD's girlfriend's age concerned people.

Bang PD's Alleged Girlfriend, Who is She?

This goes back to 2018 when the co-CEO of Big Hit Ent., Bang PD, was pictured while on vacation in Vietnam. According to the reports, in November 2018, Bang Si-Hyuk was in Hanoi, Vietnam, with his alleged girlfriend, who is half his age.

bang pd girlfriend.
Bang PD and his alleged girlfriend (right) somewhere in Vietnam.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

The picture of the two circulated online, followed by reputed publishing houses; eventually, the photo became a hot cake for the debates and made South Korean people more curious. 

The photo featured Bang PD with a girl clad in traditional Vietnamese clothing. Before you start implying things, let us explain this, it is still unconfirmed if the two had any sort of romantic association.

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But fans insist the woman in question was present with Si-hyuk in Da Nang and other places while he was vacationing in Vietnam.

What's the Name of the Girl?

According to some sources, Bang PD's girlfriend's name is, Sohee; sources further claim she was born in 1997, Sohee is in her mid-20s, given that, she is 25 years younger than Bang.

Bang PD's girlfriend's instagram.
Photo Source: Bang PD's girlfriend's Instagram

While not much is known about Sohee, Bang PD's girlfriend's Instagram suggests she lives a pretty lavish life and is well off on her own, or maybe because of DP, who knows! We are not judging, though; that's not our thing.

If you are wondering, Bang PD's Girlfriend, Sohee's Instagram account has been deactivated. Even though Sohee is Bang PD's girlfriend, people shouldn't be bothered. We know there's a huge age gap between the two, but if the two are happily in a relationship, we don't see any problem.

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Bong PD and his Rise To Fame!

According to the reports, Bang PD started his career as a composer in college. When he met Park Jin-Young during the mid-90s, the duo partnered and founded JYP Entertainment.

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But in 2005, Bang PD left JYP and founded Big Hit Entertainment; he has been considered one of the most successful composers, arrangers, and lyricists in the South Korean music industry. While Bang is not a new name to BTS and TXT fans, we are here to discuss something you might be interested in.

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