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Best 90s Movies Currently On Netflix

Published Tue May 28 2019 By Jessica
Best 90s Movies Currently On Netflix

Find out what are the hottest 90s movies currently streaming on Netflix.

To all the 90s movies enthusiasts struggling to find the best 90s films on Netflix, don't worry, we got you. No need to rewatch the same films for the seventh time in a row or waste your time with scrolling through your tv screen for an eternity to just choose one movie from the thousands of options.

To make it easier for you, we figured out all the best 90 films currently streaming on Netflix. From Award Winning films like 'Schindler’s' List to adaptation film; 'Quiz Show' to horror film; 'The Crow' to Disney's animated; 'Mulan', don't miss out on these 90s classic films we recommend you to watch on Netflix.

Pulp Fiction (1994)


Quentin Tarantino classic 'Pulp Fiction' starring; Uma ThurmanJohn Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson is about the combined story of a gangster, hitmen, a boxer, and robbers whose world comes together with criminal actions.

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The Matrix (1999)

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Keanu Reeves's most notable and blockbuster film 'The Matrix', is a classic where Reeves battles to find out the meaning of the Matrix both in the real and simulation world.

The Crow (1994)

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'The Crow' tells the storyline of musician Eric Draven portrayed by the son of Bruce LeeBrandon Lee who goes on to take revenge on the gangsters who murdered his fiancee and family.

Schindler’s List (1993)

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Academy-Award winning film by Steven Spielberg, 'Schindler’s List' narrates the story of a businessman Oskar Schindler who saves thousands of Jewish from a happening holocaust in the World War II.

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Good Will Hunting (1997)


Matt Damon portrays the role of Will Hunting with a high IQ but prefers to work as a mopper at MIT. Hunting's life then witnesses changes when his talents get discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau portrayed by Stellan Skarsgard.

Mulan (1998)

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Mulan's venture begins when she impersonates as a man to participate in the war since girls don't meet the criteria in the patriarchal world of China. The iconic Disney character that teaches about women empowerment then falls in love with the male captain on the journey.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

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The unique tale in the thriller film 'The Sixth Sense' narrates a little scared boy who struggles to carry on with his life as he is able to see both dead and alive because of paranormal abilities.

Quiz Show (1994)

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Academy Award-nominated film from the mid-90s, 'Quiz Show' based on true story depicts a lawyer investigating a reality game show filled with a scam that the network themselves provided the contestants answers to the questions.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

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A similar one to the 'Scream', Jim Gillespie directed film 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' showcases four friends starting to realize that someone who saw when they thought they killed a man after they ran over him a year ago is back with a revenge to kill them.

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Apollo 13 (1995)


Apollo events based film 'Apollo 13' reveals the story of astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) and Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) struggling in the spaceship as they face difficulties to return to the Earth.