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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Jokes That Have Already Aged Poorly

Published Tue Jun 18 2019 By David
The Big Bang Theory: 10 Jokes That Have Already Aged Poorly

For twelve years, The Big Bang Theory was one of the most popular shows on CBS. There have been endless articles, research, and analysis about the show; critics noting out its blatant sexism, treatment of people in general by its lead character, stereotypes, and the fact that show started to decline in hilariousness. Even though the sitcom genre is changing and ideas of what is okay to say and okay to joke about change just about day by day.

One day, it sure is going to be for the better, but right now it’s leading to a sanitized look at everything that’s come prior. As far as this show is concerned though – it doesn’t make any of those articles off-base. As proved by lasting for so long, a lot of viewers found the show endearing and yes comical, but let’s take a closer look at some of the quip and stereotypes of this series.

Here are 10 jokes that have already become obsolete on The Big Bang Theory.

10. The Guys Are Womanizers

Big Bang Theory guys weren't always so good with ladies despite the fact that bullied ones always behaved well with the woman.
SOURCE: Kiwi Report

For a bunch of guys who got bullied their whole lives, you’d think they would realize how to treat ladies better. While the majority of the folks have their moments, of course, it’s Howard who is exceedingly awful.

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But everyone just jokes about how unpleasant the guy is. Indeed, even in one episode where Penny calls him out on all of his disgusting behavior, she ends up apologizing to him for hurting his feelings, how 'Bernie' even falls for him could only occur in sitcom-universe.

9. Howard's A Creep

Howard really was a creep in The Big Bang Theory. 

Other than making a wide range salacious and inappropriate comments over the years, if you need any further proof that Howard ought to be in jail or at the very least on some sort of rundown than watch “The Panty Piñata Polarization.” 

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In that episode, Howard utilizes his knowledge of Pasadena to triangulate the situation of America’s Next Top Model house. It’s everything played up for chuckles, despite the fact that certainly at least one episode of SVU or Criminal Minds presumably started along these lines.

8. Sheldon's Egg Salad Line

Sheldon's analogy of a woman.
SOURCE: CafePress

In “The Egg Salad Equivalency,” 'Sheldon' makes a wildly improper remark towards his lab associate and winds up having to go to Human Resources. In reality, comments like this would end Sheldon out of a job and potentially debased him, too.

But on this show, we all laugh at the savvy guy who doesn’t comprehend what he said wasn’t right and he gets away with a slap on the wrist, rather than a genuine discipline to show him a thing or two. It took an entire episode to get him to acknowledge what he said was wrong, and the next week, he was at it again.

7. Texas Stereotypes

Sheldon still showed lots of Texas-bred stereotypes.
SOURCE: Amazon

Despite the fact that there are sort of good generalizations, Sheldon still has a great deal of Texas-bred stereotypes. In particular, his intimate knowledge of football, ability to groove at cotillions, and silly ability to rip into people and act like that’s just part of his Southern appeal.

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Sheldon, on the other side, acting like he’s better than his fellow Texans (or anyone for that matter) goes back to him just being smug.

6. Amy's Ugly

Amy certainly had much more social skills than Sheldon Cooper.
SOURCE: Cinemablend 

Amy dresses tacky and essentially a female variant of Sheldon. She, however, certainly had much more social aptitude than Sheldon. Even she too falls victim to the show’s cruddy writing towards female counterparts. In one occasion, she was really disturbed that she conked out at a college party and woke up with more clothes on. She was upset that no one bothered to exploit her.

5. Girls Aren't Geeks

Girls too had a keen sense of geekiness in The Big Bang Theory. 
SOURCE: Gutsy Geek 

There has been a long-standing joke on the series that the girls have next to zero enthusiasm for any of the “nerd” stuff that Sheldon and friends are into. In “The Bakersfield Expedition,” not only do the girls choose to read some comics but then have a clichéd girl conversation about Thor’s body.

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Not only are there plenty of genuine geek girls out there, but they really are interested in things like video games, cosplay, and comics. You’d figure these three would have at least pretended interest.

4. Raj's Loneliness

There was always the fun driven in writing Raj's loneliness throughout the Big Bang Theory.
SOURCE: Glamour 

As the hopeless and hapless romantic, Raj, it was in every case sweet to see him pair up with someone. After all, all of his friends (even Stuart) had the option to find someone. The Big Bang Theory writers, however, were perfectly content ridiculing the guy and his dejection.

Each season, he would develop gradually lonelier and by step more womanly, seemingly because of his inability to score dates.

3. Raj And Howard - Will They Or Won't They?

Raj and Howard's friendship were often mistaken for a romance. 
SOURCE: Scoop Whoop

Raj and Howard’s bromance on the series surpassed friends, they became brothers. But in between all of that, their real love for each other would occasionally lead others on the show to either poke fun at them or think they were lovers.

Sometimes not even they could have realized it, for instance in one episode they make out virtually with each other. To which, they would recoil as something of a horrifying accident at the thought. Even when the series began, this was a joke in poor taste.

2. Penny Is Dumb

Penny Necessarily didn't have to be genius to throw some punchlines. 
SOURCE: Charcat-our 

The whole premise of the show was that these two really smart folks with practically zero presence of mind meet Penny who is street smart with little book intuition, she once said the Stephen Hawking was “the wheelchair guy who invented time.”But did we really need at least one gag per episode at her detriment? After all, more than half the time, viewers had no clue what the boys were talking about.

1. Sheldon's Just Rude

Turns out Sheldon's arrogance was an agenda-driven characteristic from the writers of the Big Bang Theory. 

Really smart people who dedicate themselves to only science don’t have any social skills. That is Sheldon more or less, that and he’s totally mean. Constantly correcting people, always putting Howard down for not having a Ph.D., and in particular, his treatment of Amy throughout the years has just been an exercise in how patient can she be?

He finally got really told off in the final episode and thinks that he compensated for his conduct over twelve years by referring his friends during his acceptance speech, that’s an ideal example of how the entire show worked.