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Is Bill Cosby Living The Good Life Behind Bars?

Published Fri May 17 2019 By David
Is Bill Cosby Living The Good Life Behind Bars?

Bill Cosby is having quite a time in prison!

Over 60 women accused standup comedian, Bill Cosby of sexual assault, but till now, the 81-year-old has been held accountable for only one of them.

Cosby’s involvement in sexual misconduct dates back to as early as the mid-1960s. It's only surprising how he was able to hide it from the media or how he was getting away all this time. While being a renowned star from the beginning of his career, it may not have been that hard for him to keep those allegations under the wraps, but it was only a matter of time before he would tank out of money to shut just about every accusations.

Cosby's vast fortune eventually became insufficient to keep him out of prison -- but it seems it's making his life as an inmate much more comfortable than it should be.

Bill Cosby is finally held accountable for one sexual account out of 60+ alleged accusations. 
SOURCE: Page Six 

“In jail, Mr. Cosby is No. 1,” Phil DiPietro -- an ex-con who used to work for Cosby -- recently told Radar in an interview.

Dipietro added, “You wouldn’t believe the luxuries afforded to him. He has more privacy and helps than if he was back living at his estate."

Phil also went on to explain that in prison, food often serves as a form of currency.

And apparently, the former Jell-O pitchman's prodigious appetite is bringing more calories for his fellow prisoners, which has made him quite a popular figure on penitentiary.

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Dipietro said each inmate, regardless of their placement or unit, receives the same amount of food. But being in the same unit as Cosby, the other detainees often have the privilege of ordering twice as much commissary per week because Cosby doesn’t eat most of the prison food — and he buys everyone on the block something more on each order.

Phil also says that prison authorities did their best to brace the inmates for Cosby's arrival.

According to the former straw man, the prison had initially given a lecture to all the convicted, informing them that ‘due to the presence of America’s most high-profile inmate,’ they are to be granted extra yard time, first dibs on meals, and would even have a system to file their complaints — without having to wait for the typical three-week period.

Bill Cosby was popular for his family sitcom, NBC sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show.

Despite the added perks, DiPietro says he was critical of Cosby's effect on life behind prison walls. At the beginning of Bill’s arrival, he used to argue that the guards should have focused more on the rehabilitation of inmates, instead, they were always interested in befriending a sicko like Cosby, Phil shared in the interview. 

Cosby is serving a sentence of three to ten years for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, and won’t be eligible for parole until 2021.

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In October 2014, a part of comedian Hannibal Buress's comedy routine described sexual misbehaviour by Cosby started to go viral in several affected territories, resulting in more women coming forward to state that they were assaulted by Cosby. The dates of the alleged incidents ranged from 1965 to 2008 across ten U.S. states and one Canadian province.

One of the accusations against Bill Cosby comes from Canadian province as well. 
SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight

Most of the acts fall outside of the statutes of limitations for a criminal prosecution, but criminal charges were still filed against Cosby in one case and numerous civil lawsuits are still being brought against him. As of November 2015, eight such civil suits were active against Cosby. Gloria Allred, a "high-profile" attorney for women’s rights is representing 33 of the alleged victims.

In July 2015, some of the court documents from Andrea Constand's 2005 civil suit against Cosby were officially released to the public. The full details of his deposition were also made available to the media by a court reporting service. In his testimony, Cosby confessed to casual sex, involving the recreational use of the sedative methaqualone (Quaaludes), with a series of young women, and also admitted to the illegal authorization of prescription drugs.

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Based on incidents in January 2004, after a jury trial, Cosby was convicted on April 26, 2018, of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against a Toronto woman. On September 25, 2018, he was condemned to three to ten years in state prison with a penalty worth $25,000. And on the same date, following a brief period in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, Cosby was transferred to state prison, SCI Phoenix in Skippack Township, Pennsylvania, where he was constricted to a single cell. Cosby was then moved from administrative segregation into the general population on January 28, 2019.