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Box Office: ‘Captain Marvel’ Powers To $155M-Plus Debut

Published Sun Mar 10 2019 By David
Box Office: ‘Captain Marvel’ Powers To $155M-Plus Debut

Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel' is looking more likely to surpass the domestic $150M mark from its first opening weekend.

The latest and 21st film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s, Captain Marvel, is well en route to amass $150+ million at the domestic box office this weekend. With that, the first female standalone from the Marvel studio has become the 2019’s most successful film to date. (Its closest competitor was M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, which approximately made a quarter of that number when it was released back in January.)

Though domestically, Carol Danvers is currently sitting at a gross figure of $61 million, it has already surmounted $188+ million (including the $64m) over at the international gates. The figure reps also include the big China debut that took place on Friday and also gave Captain Marvel the 2nd biggest MCU opening day ever in the market.

Captain Marvel Domestic cume currently sits at over $61 million
SOURCE: The Wrap

The Disney/Marvel flick is now being revered as the No. 1 western film in all openings. Captain Marvel is now hoping to drive past $150M in U.S./Canada and in turn, is looking for a $350M worldwide opening, which would be higher than DC’s "Wonder Woman" ($228.3M), "Justice League" ($278.8M), and Fox/Marvel’s "Deadpool 2" ($300.4M), and just under "Black Panther‘s" Worldwide Wide first weekend frame of $371.4M.

If the forecast of CM’S $150M becomes an entity, the film could land a record $450M+ global start. This would then top Black Panther’s $430M worldwide opening which was inclusive of $202M North American collection. After DC’s "Aquaman," nothing has energized the earmarked comic goers, but Captain Marvel seems like it is causing a seismic tremble to that stillness; it’s only a matter of confirmation once the weekend metrics are out in open.

The movie is also doing equally good over at the Aix-en-Provence, France since its yesterday’s release at the market. The China three-day is expected to bring the film a $90M+ sum which will then stand the Brie Larson starrer on par with the lifetime of Wonder Woman considering the inflation rates.

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From the release, the film is working well in the eastern territories; four countries’ box office results of Captain Marvel is ranking the movie in the top 10 of every nation’s ticket windows. Per local stats, South Korea alone saw a 135% hike from Friday to Saturday.

In other regions, UK’s release made the film the 4th highest MCU opening to date in the British region, Mexico’s opening stood the movie at the 7th highest opening day in industry history and Spain posted the 2nd biggest MCU's slate which was just behind the last year’s "Avengers: Infinity War."

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Since Friday, the Top 5 markets have been China ($34.3M/$67.8M est through Saturday), Korea ($9.3M/$17.2M est through Saturday), Indonesia ($6.4M), Brazil ($5.4M) and Russia $5.4M).

Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel collected $44M in its first two days of international release. That Wednesday/Thursday release (according to the eastern time zone) at the international box office of CM does not include China where the film opened only some hours earlier today. In the Middle Kingdom, it has raked around $34M (including Thursday midnights). That stands Carol Danvers as the 2nd best MCU movie in terms of the opening day, behind only Avengers: Infinity War. Across all superhero genres, Catherine Donovan is 3rd behind "Venom;" the latter which raked $34.9M from its November 2018 time-frame.

Overall, Captain Marvel is well on its way to become the highest March debut in Western history and is only a couple of millions away from being the biggest first day for a stand-alone MCU character. Speaking of which, in most markets, Captain Marvel is currently vying to break the stats of other MCU origins stories such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man. The forecast on the international debut (putting the overall weekend into perspective) were ranging from $180M-$210M+. But now it seems like the film will go well beyond than the latter figure.

Captain Marvel is currently being screened at over 42 countries — notably, it marked the 2nd highest opening day in Brazil’s industry history. Today it will take the official box office results from the UK, Mexico — and China. Meanwhile, the movie is due for release in the Japanese theaters on March 15, 2019.  

In China, it is looking for a weekend gross of $100M+ weekend. The setback here is that a Friday-Saturday result may not be quite as high as predicted given that many women had a half-day in honor of International Women’s Day. Chinese social networking service, Douban has given the film 7.1 based on reviews aggregator whereas the online ticket providers, Maoyan has credited the movie with the ratings of 8.8—established solely on the film’s number of ticket sales.

Elsewhere, Korea has given the movie $9.1M through today’s (Friday/Saturday) collection which is roughly a 38% increase from Thursday’s (the film’s initial release date in the country) report. Though, the $9.1M figure in Korea doesn’t include the combined total of Wednesday/Thursday.

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Through Thursday, the "Top 5" markets for the film (not considering the Friday figures) are Korea ($5.9M), Indonesia ($4.8M), Brazil ($3M), France ($2.9M) and Australia ($2.5M).

Captain Marvel is seeing strong early revenue in markets like Korea, France, and China. Although the eastern venues didn’t release the film officially until Friday, midnights tonight are predicted to collect RMB 16.5M ($2.51M), thus making it the 4th best start for a superhero film behind Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. Though we can’t miss the fact, that we are comparing a standalone/origins story against the movies which are all ensembles in the first place.

If only to talk about pre-ticket sales, the Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck-directorial had already logged the biggest China presales for any superhero film but it was still behind the glory of Russo Brother’s Infinity War. Captain Marvel has a 7.2 on Douban which may not be that impressive but it still lands above Black Panther’s 6.5 and Wonder Woman’s 7.1. On the other hand, Maoyan’s score based on ticketing platform is still to be disclosed.

Noting all the above-mentioned maths, China will be a huge boon on the full opening weekend for Captain Marvel. Some bet on the film to have grossed a $60 million within its first weekend, while some were being more optimistic in the range of $90+ million. (The official confirmation to the verdict arrives only on tomorrow).

In Korea, the film also saw a $5.9M from the combined Wednesday/Thursday’s release.  On the same day, in France, the movie sold over 212K tickets which has placed the featurette at the 4th best start ($1.7 M) of the year behind the local sensation, last week’s "Qu’Est-Ce Qu’On;A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?" last week’s "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," and Disney’s own "Ralph Breaks The Internet" (the latter two currently being played for the school holidays).

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Captain Marvel’s first official domestic reports will come tonight after the film has played its last screen and there will be lots of more box-office numbers and reviews to come as she is about to expand wide open over the next few days, including in Germany, Russia, Brazil and Australia which starts from just about today, and the UK, Spain, Mexico, and China next Friday.