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Brad Pitt's Sci-Fi Movie 'Ad Astra' To Release In Two Weeks

Published Sun Sep 08 2019 By Chester
Brad Pitt's Sci-Fi Movie 'Ad Astra' To Release In Two Weeks

Brad Pitt's 'Ad Astra' finally to be released in two weeks jumping publication issues.

Hollywood iconic star Brad Pitt who is recently enjoying success of his recent blockbuster hit movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood alongside Leonardo DiCaprio is up for another adventurous Sci-Fi movie Ad Astra.

The movie had been dealing with controversies as it was initially set to release on May 24, but due to some publication issues, it got postponed. But recently the 20th Century Fox is making an exclusive announcement of the movies to release in two weeks.

Without spilling you the story-line, the synopsis of the movie released, "A man journeys across a lawless solar system to find his missing father -- a renegade scientist who poses a threat to humanity."

The actor is often seen promoting the movie as recently Brad attended Venice Film Festival. While having the time of his life, the Fight Club star attended the lavish ceremony in Italy with former partner Jennifer Aniston who is meanwhile rumored to be dating secretly.

'Ad Astra' Media and Critic Movie Review

Check out some of the early critics review by Cinema Blend,

One early viewer commented,

[Brad Pitt] blurs the line between fear and precision so easily that it’s a haunting experience.

Another added,

It’s an extraordinary picture, steely and unbending and assembled with an unmistakable air of wild-eyed zealotry.

One came with the feedback saying,

Ad Astra looks handsome and there are flashes of brilliance – the lunar chase and the opening set-piece in particular. But scenes come and go with a weightlessness that has nothing to do with zero gravity.

One cited how mesmerized he was from the Hollywood creative director part, James Grey is know for some his masterpiece The Immigrant, The Lost City of Z, and We Own the Night.

I hope James Gray, as a director, continues to explore uncharted worlds, but even his cult of fans may find it hard to get too excited over a movie that, beneath its eye-candy space trappings, is this conventional.

So guys, aren't you excited for the movie. The movie is starred by glamorous sensation Live Tyler and some of the prominent stars, Tommy Lee JonesRuth Negga, and Donald Sutherland. Ticket bookings are open now.