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Brie Larson Chops Off Long ‘Captain Marvel’ Locks Into Very Cute Bob As She Attends Her Friend's New Beauty Line

Published Sun May 05 2019 By Jessica
Brie Larson Chops Off Long ‘Captain Marvel’ Locks Into Very Cute Bob As She Attends Her Friend's New Beauty Line

Brie Larson shows off her new bob hair at the recent launch event of her friend's new Beauty line.

Captain America star Brie Larson is all for short bob this summer.

The 29 years old actress recently seen in Avengers: Endgame arrived at her friend's new beauty line opening appearing all different from her previous casual look.

It appears Larson who previously rocked her long blonde signature hairstyle courageously decided to chop off her long hair and went for a new bob haircut.

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To attend the launch of MLH Sigil Fragrances by her dear friend, Melinda Lee Holm, Larson sported a shorter hair in a white suit and pants.

Brie Larson at the launch of her friend new beauty line. 
SOURCE: Brie Larson Instagram

The actress' short bob was swept from the side and kept in loose wavy curls that cascaded down her head around the neck and side jaw. 

Impressively, Brie looked equally amazing with her new hairdo as much as she did with her long hair.

Matching her outfit with her hair color, Larson cleverly opted to wear a white suit and pants which added more styles to her appearance for the evening.

She accompanied her suit and pants which came in a loose size with a black revealing top that was worn underneath the suit.

The black bra styled top was exposed enough to show off the actress cleavage and further added a bit of sexiness.

Larson also carried a white and green handbag to match her look.

Whereas for her makeup, she didn't do anything heavy on her face and touched off her cute face with a slight makeover. Nonetheless, she still looked flawless.

To complete the look, instead of opting for high heels or formal shoes, the actress stepped into a pair of white sneakers. A fashionista Queen.

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The actress shared some great laughs as she sipped into her drink with her friends and the other attendees at the event, as seen in the snap on her entrepreneur friends' Instagram.

The Academy Award winner also took to her Instagram to share a picture from the event with her dear friend, where she is seen standing beside Melinda. 

Larson even congratulated her friend in the caption section where she wrote: "Verified
Congrats to my sister @melindaleeholm on the launch of her product line #MLHSigil 🌈 I love watching you grow and I love supporting all the magic you bring into the world. Check out her stuff - it’s the best ever."

"Love you, sister!!! Thank you!" Melinda replied sweetly in the comment section.

The post has now surpassed over five hundred thousand likes on the photo-sharing platform with tons of her fans appreciating her new haircut, of course.

A fan named Felicia Busk commented: "LOVE THE HAIR"

Whilst another super die-hard fan said: "your hair and outfit... no words"

A third one added: "Captain Marvel you have the most beautiful smile.."

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Meanwhile, Brie is not the only star in Hollywood to join the short hair club. Actresses including Natalie PortmanMandy Moore, and Kristin Bell too previously cut off a lot off inches of their hair to start off this summer.