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Who is Buckley Carlson's Wife? Know About Their Married Life

Published Fri Sep 25 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Buckley Carlson's Wife? Know About Their Married Life

Here's what you should know about Buckley Carlson's wife and their married life.

Buckley Carlson is a former Communications Director in the Republican Party, but Carlson is known for being a brother to Tucker Carlson. Moreover, the former communications director also worked as a writer at Tucker's website, "Daily Caller."

Following his stint as a write and the communications director in the Republican Party, Buckley Carlson worked for Kelton Research as Managing Director. According to the company's profile, Kelton Research provides consumer insights for Fortune 500 companies. 

Some reports suggest Buckley has left the company, and all his social profiles are deactivated. While talking about Buckley's early life, he graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in English followed by a degree in Aeronautical Science from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

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We know we are here to learn more about Buckley's married life; we haven't moved entirely off-topic. So, as you are eager to know, let's find more about Buckley Carlson's married life.

Who is Buckley Carlson's Wife?

According to the reports by The New York Times, Buckley Carlson is married to his wife, Melissa Marie Price. The couple tied the knots on June 7, 1997, at Tulip Hill, the Carlson house. 

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Buckley's wife, Melissa Marie Price Carlson, is graduated from London's Inchbald School of Design in an interior design degree. The report suggests her previous marriage ended in divorce. 

Melissa Marie Price Carlson's Father Was The Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Buckley Carlson's wife, Melissa Price's father, Charles Price, was the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Price was appointed to the position by Ronald Reagan from 1983 to 1989. 

buckley carlson wife, melissa price's, father, charles price.

Melissa Price's father, Charles Price.
Photo Source: Heavy

Before his stint in Britain, Charles was appointed Ambassador to Belgium for two years. After the U.K. Charles retired as the chairman of the Mercantile Bank of Kansas City.

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