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CBS Loses Rights To Air Old Episodes Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By Travis
CBS Loses Rights To Air Old Episodes Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Before the TV season begins on 23 September 2019, CBS will lose all access to the rebroadcasting of 'The Big Bang Theory.'

The Big Bang Theory made a teary final goodbye this year, after 12 seasons the show left the television screens, and this will be the first time in 13 years when the TV season kicks off without The Big Bang Theory coming back with a new season. It was a nice finale, and for some, it was the right time for the show to leave the TV screens and for others the ending too soon but the show ended nonetheless.

People tuned in to watch the final episode of the show, and more than 18 million people were glued to their screen to say goodbye to all of their favorite characters. The series ended its final season before the summer and now after the summer, with fall rolling into town, the show will be leaving the CBS network entirely.

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According to TVMoJoe, the show will appear one final time on CBS on 16 September at 8:30 pm Eastern when the eye network will showcase the last episode one more time before sending off the series after the broadcasting rights for Big Bang Theory ends on 22 September. This is a huge blow for the network as they will not be allowed to stream any of the past episodes on their channel or on their streaming service, CBS All Access.

The finale airing on 16 September will be the last time people will get to see the beloved show on its home network “barring any future special events, reunions or a 2030 syndication deal.” The Big Bang Theory is going off-network for their syndication and considering how lucrative the deal is going to be; it will be a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

The year 2030 is a long way off, but maybe 'Young Sheldon' will last that long to see the young kid transition into the older one and the original series coming back home for reruns again.

The deals being touted for The Big Bang Theory is massive with reports coming out HBO Max was looking to secure the syndication rights of Big Bang and Two and a Half Men for a bombshell price of $1.5 billion. Considering how well Two and a Half Men performed in syndication on other networks, this one seems like a no brainer and people love 'Sheldon' so if this deal goes through then it will be a tremendous addition in the catalog of HBO Max which is currently vying for ground in the upcoming streaming wars.

HBO Max is trying to get the syndication rights of 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Source: The Verge

Apple and Disney are both launching their streaming services, and after Apple announced their plans to charge their customers only $4.99 per month, the shares of both Netflix and 'Roku' dropped. The competitors are doing whatever they can to undercut their opponents, and the rights of Big Bang Theory will be huge for HBO Max.

No matter what happens with the syndication rights of The Big Bang Theory fan will get to sing the theme song one final time when the network airs the last episode one more time in four days’ time on 16 September 2019.