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Another Character from the Original Series is Coming Back for Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By Travis
Another Character from the Original Series is Coming Back for Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

A fan-favorite character from the beloved Breaking Bad series is coming back in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

'Breaking Bad' movie was shot in secret with the fans only getting the confirmation a movie was happening when Bryan Cranston opened about the people from Breaking Bad doing a movie, but he was not going be involved in the whole thing. Then there was no news of when the film is coming on screen, but then finally the teaser for the movie was released along with the release date of the movie.

Netflix is going to release the movie worldwide with AMC handling the distribution in America, but there was still no clear idea who was coming back and who was not. The hint for the movie was there when Bob Odenkirk revealed Vince Gilligan and all the other people involved in the film already shot the whole thing in secret, and he also questioned how people were not able to figure it out till now.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie poster
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is coming to Netflix this fall on 11 October.

Source: Daily Express

Well, the movie is coming, and Aaron Paul is also returning to play the role of Jesse Pinkman, we also got the shot of 'Skinny Pete' in the trailer which means we are also going to see the character in the movie. In the teaser trailer, the DEA is holding Pete in an interrogation room and asking him where 'Jesse Pinkman' is, but he refuses to tell them because he saw the hole Aryan brothers put him in.

Skinny Pete is coming back, and now we’ve got confirmation the other half of 'TwaüghtHammër' is joining the cast of the show also. 'Badger' is also going to make an appearance in the highly anticipated movie, which means we will get an idea where the two characters went after the end of the series.

Badger from Breaking Bad
Badger is coming back to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie to reprise his role from the hit series.

Source: AMC

Badger was supposed to be working on his science fiction script, and we hoped the character would make his way to Hollywood with the money he got from 'Walter.' But it seems the character stuck around the town and he will be making an appearance in the movie.

The last time we saw the character in the series was in the finale when Badger and Pete posed as a hitman to threaten former associates of Walter. They helped Walter set up the trust fund for the kids of White, and it was the last time the characters were seen in the show.

Watch: The teaser trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie featuring Skinny Pete

The trailer for the movie is currently online, and 'El Camino' is currently holding the release date of 11 October 2019. Only under a month left for the film to come online and we are more than excited for Jesse to come back on screen and provide some closure to the character once and for all.

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