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Check Out Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's Top 5 Prank Videos!

Published Fri Jul 05 2019 By Kenshinpark
Check Out Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's Top 5 Prank Videos!

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, better known for his youtube channel VitalyzdTv, is an American-Russian YouTube prankster.

Vitaly's is a huge hit on YouTube and as of 2019, he has over 1 billion views and 10 million subscribers.

Vitaly, who started his YouTube career in 2011, is famous for his unique and weird pranks on YouTube and fans love him for his unique approaches for pranks.

Here are the top five pranks from the Youtuber.

5. How to pick up girls from the beach!

Man, he had some nerve even back then as he openly tried to pick up random girls from the beach and surprisingly, some were even with their SOs.. 

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All 'how to pick up girls' pranks you see on youtube are mostly inspired by this pranksters. 

4. Disturbing the peace

This is a series of pranks videos and it extends to 11 parts. This is one of the most viewed and liked videos of the prankster from the 'Disturbing the Peace' series. 

The prankster goes to the park and finds his victims who are quietly sitting on the park, enjoying the perfectly fine morning. And the pranksters makes his entry and tries to talk people into his silly stuff.

 3. Russian Hitman Elevator Hostage Prank!

This is a pure genius! The prankster goes off-limit to pull this prank. This is obviously one of the most viewed, liked pranks of Vitaly. 

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This one is fun in its own way as some people find it scary, even the people who are watching the video, let alone people who encountered it and were pranked.

2. Speaking Russian With Strangers

This one is surely a gem, the prankster goes to random people and tries to speak Russian. People, unfamiliar with the language, are left appalled.

Some people even try to understand what the prankster actually trying to say thinking he might not speak English. Check out for yourself this funny prank and how the youtuber pulled it.

1. Miami Zombie Attack Prank!

You saw the 'Russian Hitman', you saw the 'how to pick up girls' and you saw the youtuber trying to prank the random people on the street speaking an alienated language. Now, this video is different, this is the height of creativity when it comes to pranking people. 

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In this video, the prankster successfully scares the people on broad daylight and in open places. This video has got over 32 million views on YouTube and the best prank pulled so far. Vitaly goes into street dressing up as a zombie and scares the heck out of people.

Well, these were the top five pranks of the 'Prank King', Vitaly. You can go check out his YouTube Channel VitalyzdTv and find more prank videos and we assure you, you won't regret it if you are really looking for some good pranks on the internet.