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Chief Creative Officer of Marvel; Kevin Feige is Now in Control of Everything Marvel at Disney

Published Wed Oct 16 2019 By Travis
Chief Creative Officer of Marvel; Kevin Feige is Now in Control of Everything Marvel at Disney

Kevin Feige is will now oversee everything Marvel for Disney.

After getting the MCU to where it is now with 23 movies and over $22 billion in total gross, Disney and Marvel are putting all of their eggs in one basket with the safe hands of the MCU maestro holding it and taking it forward. According to reports, Kevin Feige is the new Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, which means he will make all the decisions pertaining to the movies, TV shows, and publishing of all the characters under Disney.

Kevin Feige started with Marvel from the start and masterminded the whole interconnected universe from the Iron Man movie to the most recent Spidey flick. He also produced the biggest film in the history of cinema in Avengers: Endgame, which downed the record set by 'Avatar.'

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige is taking full control of Marvel.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

So, Disney probably felt pretty confident with the vision of Kevin and the team supporting him, which is why the TV branch of Marvel will now come under the purview of Kevin. The television wing was run by Jeph Loeb, and he was the man who made the Netflix Marvel shows possible, but before the start of the year, most of the series on Netflix was axed with the ABC show 'Agents of SHIELD' being cut after the seventh season.

Disney was slowly phasing out the old version of the Marvel TV, and now we know the reason why most recently, the Hulu series 'Ghost Rider' was canned. There is still no confirmation of how the new arrangements are going to work, but according to reports, Kevin’s team is overseeing all of the projects and seeing how best to maneuver them and assess their viability in this new future Marvel and Disney are building.

Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider was axed most recently by Marvel.

Source: Polygon

There appeared to be more power being put on Kevin when, during the comic con, he announced there are five TV shows currently in the works which will be connected to the MCU, and all will be the part of Disney+. For long, Kevin Feige talked about all of it is connected but the TV wing of Marvel was never really connected with the MCU, except in passing. But then Kevin revealed the 'WandaVision' series will directly link into 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' and for the first time, the TV and movie of Marvel well linked.

Now, it is apparent why all the past shows were phased out and the remaining ones being examined. There were concerns in Marvel during the release of the 'Civil War' with the TV wing and movie wing clashing and Bob Iger separating the two and giving Kevin all the autonomy he needed to bring his team’s vision to reality. Now it is all coming back, and Kevin Feige will oversee every aspect of the small and large screen along with the print media.

Disney+ is bringing new Marvel shows starting from 2020.

Source: Slanted

This is also a major coup for the producer who is only rising higher and higher insider Disney. It was recently reported the producer was being tapped to produce Star Wars movies. He is the star kid in the building, and he’s got the record to flex his muscles, and it is a good thing everything Marvel will be coming through Kevin, we all know he knows what he is doing, and no one can say otherwise.

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