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Craig Tinker Actor Colson Smith Stuns Corrie Fans With Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Published Mon May 25 2020 By Kenshinpark
Craig Tinker Actor Colson Smith Stuns Corrie Fans With Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Colson Smith who is best known for his Portrayal of 'Craig Tinker' on the British's longest running TV show, 'Coronation Street.' The actor made his first appearance on the show back in 2011, and now he is nothing like what he used to look back in the days, or should we say, last year even.

Colson with his dramatic weight loss stunned Corrie fans as they are left wondering how the show will explain his weight loss. Smith underwent a massive transformation to shock fans around the world with his weight loss. The actor, 21, shared a picture of him on his Instagram where he was seen wearing his exercise outfit.

So, let's find out how he managed to shed an impressive body weight.

Colson Hit Gym Regularly to Lose Weight

According to the reports by The Sun, the Craig Tinker actor hit gym regularly to lose weight and it significantly helped him cut out the excess fat from his body. However, there is another instance of how the actor lost a significant weight. According to the Daily Mail, actor lost 21-pound due to food poisoning from eating a prawn. This was back in Decemfber of 2019 when Colson was on holiday in Thailand. 

Craig Corrie Weight Loss.

Craig Tinker of Corrie, Colson Smith, Lost a Significant weight.
Photo Source: Colton Smith Instagram

Speaking with one of the media outlets, Colton said, "I was sat on the beach and the waiter came over and was like, 'What would you like?' And I said, 'I'll have the prawns to start please.'" The actor further added, "I had avoided seafood but I was sat on the beach and I was like, 'How can you not have seafood on the beach?' Well, anyway. I'm not doing that again. I've lost about a stone and a half."

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So, as you can see, his food poisoning while he was holidaying in Thailand really fueled his weight loss journey as he lost almost a stone and half. But most of his weight loss is all because of his hard work that he did in the gym. 

Colson Smith Also Adopted Healthy Eating with Exercise

Craig Corrie Weight Loss.

With the help of balanced exercise and diets, Colton lost a whopping two and half stone (35 pounds.)
Photo Source: Colton Instagram

Well, you need to be very careful what you eat and how much you eat if you are on your journey to lose weight. You can't just simply ignore these facts. Colson, indeed, brought some changes to his diet, which helped him lose significant body fat. 

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Colson started with cutting down his food intake in a day. Every bite was calculated calories for the actor, and also made sure he would not lack any calories. And obviously, he gave up all the oily and junk foods. 

How the Actor's Weight Loss Will Be Explained on the Show

So the fans were more concerned about how the show will explain his weight loss rather his dramatic transformation. But those fans can rest assured as his weight loss is something the script demanded. So, the three months of extensive workout, from January to March (excluding his food poisoning incident) was all for the show.

Craig Corrie Weight Loss.

Colton's dramatic weight loss was to keep up with Craig Tinker's storyline which sees him work as a cop.
Photo Source: The Sun

Colson, who lost a total of two and half stone (35 pounds) was to keep up with Craig Tinker's storyline which sees him work as a cop in Weatherfield. So if you are still wondering how the storyline will catch up, well on one of the episode, Smith's character takes up running after he realises he was out of breath while out the the beat chasing shoplifters. 

But apart from storyline itself, Colton said he is going to take more pride in getting healthier as he was bullied at work for his weight, moreover the actor also revealed he has been keeping in touch with gym and will continue to do so, as it is something that keeps him motivated. 

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