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Dascha Polanco Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Breakdown

Published Wed Mar 03 2021 By Tashipalmo
Dascha Polanco Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Breakdown

How much is Dascha Polanco Net Worth in 2021?Here's everything you should know 

Dascha Yolaine Polanco born on 3rd December 1982,in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic, identifies as Afro-Dominican.The 38-year-old actress grew up in Brooklyn and Miami in a strict Catholic family.  

Dascha's early life as she describes in most of her interviews and talks has been nothing but a series of distressing hardships and plights.But the women refused to let her past and her tragedies determined her future.She has pushed all the boundaries,broken all the glass ceilings, and has come out being the best version of herself. 

Stay right here as we bring you details about Dascha Polanco's net worth and income.

Dascha Polanco's Colossal Net Worth And Minimalist Living

Dascha is popularly known for her portrayal of "Dayanara Diaz"on hit Netflix's original series,'Orange is the new black'.Dascha knew that she wanted to be an actor when she moved to Miami with her mother and two younger siblings.But limited resources and her family's dire condition made her choose another path.  

Dascha  stunning at a VMA award show

 Polanco is a single mother of two children
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Today, the 38-year-old actress Dascha Polanco is living her American dream.Only in the 7th year of her Hollywood endeavor,she has already starred in a number of films and more are soon to be released. 

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Dascha Polanco is believed to have an estimated net worth of $5 million.Her per-year salary is estimated to be $816,666

She is a single mother of two kids and currently resides in her minimalist yet chic apartment in New York.Dascha doesn't live by the "if you got it,flaunt it"adage and certainly doesn't likes hoarding luxuries like other celebrities. 

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 The Coveteur team made a trip to Dascha's apartment in New York.They commented how the single mother had apprehended the difference between a house and a home and turned hers into the latter.Also, they observed how her closet was a mix of Chanel and fashion Nova's low-cost clothes.  

Dascha Polanco's Active Involvement In Philanthropy

Dascha having come from a poverty-stricken family,today helps the needy and supports the ones in despair,especially women in need,whose misery she really well understands. 

Dascha Polanco caught on the camera

Dascha Polanco gathers a whopping net worth of $5 million.
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Dascha Polanco is a member of the Feeding America entertainment council, she is also on the board of directors for the Starfish Foundation which provided resources to women in need in order to start their life.And she has also partnered with the Dream Project Foundation in the Dominican Republic that will open the first theatre and arts program for children in the country. 

Dascha Polanco's Lowkey Early Life and Career 

Dascha Polanco had very few happy moments in life and one of them was when she moved to Miami with her mother Janet Polanco and two younger siblings. She enrolled herself in theatre classes and was looking forward to it but the thrill didn't last long for young Dascha.She had to move back to Brooklyn when her father ended up in jail and by her senior year in school,she and her family were homeless.  

Dascha in her role as Daya

 Dascha is well known for her role as Daya in Orange is the new black.
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At 17 she was pregnant,scared, and depressed but her family and people guilted her and accused her of being immoral.  

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She now recalls those offensive remarks and obstacles as god's way of pushing her ahead and making her stronger.She made her debut opposite Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson in "Gimme Shelter. 

The actress has now done more than 9 films and is acclaimed for her works in In 'The Irishman','Orange is the new black', Gimme Shelter, and many more.Dascha's upcoming films in 2021 are 'In the Heights', 'Samaritan'.  

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