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Dating Site Reveals Annoying Stuff During Sex For Both Men And Women

Published Sat Apr 20 2019 By David
Dating Site Reveals Annoying Stuff During Sex For Both Men And Women

What annoys the partners during sex.

A dating company called 'Illicit Encounters' which sets up married people to find other partners have observed a couple of thousand people, to find out what turns men and women off whilst having sex with their partners.

Sex obviously can be awkward enough at the best of times. It's even worse if you aren't loving it as much as you could be.

An agency - basically called the "Plenty of Fish" for people who already caught one they don't like - has arranged a list of sexual dos and don'ts for both men and women. And here’s what it has to say;

For men - the biggest worry was that women (apparently) don't initiate sex often enough.

64 percent of men out of 2000 think that their partner should make the first move. They also cleared up the fact that they do hate it when women want to have sex in the dark or fake an orgasm.

Dos and Don'ts during Sex.
Source: Lad Bible 

Often said, if a woman feels like she has to mock-up an orgasm, that's hardly her fault.

As for the women, who probably also loathe having to make up an orgasm, their biggest turn off is men who want to jump right into the action (skip the foreplay).

Whilst we're at it, another complaint addressed by the female counterparts is that men who are selfish and just get themselves over with along with all that embarrassing and raw dirty talks.

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An insider from Illicit Encounters after having a few or two info from Jessica Leoni told The Mirror: "We find that what drives people to have an affair primarily is a lack of sexual satisfaction at home.

"The key reason why both men and women are fed up with their partners is that they are not prepared to change and keep making these fundamental mistakes in the bedroom.

"If you avoid these simple mistakes there is less risk of your partner cheating.

"And you have a much better chance of pleasing a new lover if you do decide to cheat."

Basically, the spokesperson is saying to do what the group who organizes infidelity for people (in the most covert way) are saying, and no-one will ever backstab you.

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Meanwhile, here are some other don'ts you might wanna avoid while having some downtime with your loved ones.

- Portraying Bored

One of the pleasures of sex, versus, say, hand job, is that you're supposedly doing it with someone else who is also having a good time. Getting the face that you'd rather be bingeing a series does not do any good for your performance, or the self-esteem.

- Asking Too Much

"Is this ok?" "Is this?" "Is this?" "How's this?" "Is this good for you?" "Do you like this?" "This?" It is appreciated of you checking in every once in a while, but the constant interrogation is not that sexy.

- Starfish

It’s basically a posture when you just lie back and let the other person do all the work. One should never treat sex like an automatic car wash.

- Resisting to Answer Your Phone

You don't even deserve to get laid if you do this.

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- Pin drop Silence

There's a difference between keeping shut so as not to annoy the roommates and keeping quiet to the point of making your love want to check your pulse. (the latter being rather creepy)

- Criticizing Your Partner's Body

Unless your comment is, "My god, you're sexy," then saying otherwise while your partner is completely stripped off and vulnerable is a must to avoid.

- Being Ridiculously Shy

Your partner is sure excited to be having sex with you. While it's ok if the bedsheet isn't covering you every second, try not to let alertness get too in the way of having a good time.

- Talking About that’s not the way he/she did

It is indeed the last thing someone wants to hear about while having sex.

- The Protection

When you consider (that the other person is checked/on birth control), or while you are doing it before the moment, avoid making a fuss about it.