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home Entertainment A Disgrace! Ex-NFL Player Kellen Winslow Jr. Convicted of Rape

A Disgrace! Ex-NFL Player Kellen Winslow Jr. Convicted of Rape

Published Tue Jun 11 2019 By David
A Disgrace! Ex-NFL Player Kellen Winslow Jr. Convicted of Rape

Ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. convicted of rape; jury ponders 8 other charges.

A California jury that sentenced former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. of raping a 58-year-old homeless woman has been ordered to return to considerations Tuesday in the wake of gridlock on eight different charges against him, including two additional tallies of assault involving a 54-year-old hitchhiker and an unconscious teen.

A jury on Monday in San Diego Superior Court in Vista found the son of a Hall of Famer blameworthy for the attack he committed a year ago on the homeless woman in his beach community of Encinitas, north of San Diego.

Former NFL star, Kellen Winslow Jr. found guilty of rape. (his arraignment, in Vista, Calif on June 15, 2018)
SOURCE: Hayne Palmour / San Diego Union-Tribune via AP file

The jury additionally found the 35-year-old former tight end liable of indecent exposure and vulgar conduct including two other women, but members of the jury found him not guilty on one count of an obscene act.

Winslow, who played for Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New England, and the New York Jets, faces up to life in jail if convicted of all accusations.

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Every one of the five ladies affirmed during the nine-day trial. Winslow, however, did not take the stand.

Defense lawyers brought up irregularities in the accusers' testimonies and contended the women designed the allegations to prey on the wealth of Winslow, who reportedly earned over $40 million during his 10 seasons with the NFL.

Prosecutors say the son of Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow felt engaged by his notoriety to abuse the most vulnerable.

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Prosecutor Dan Owens told the jury of eight men and four ladies that Winslow is a "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Kellen Winslow Jr. has been accused of 8 other charges of rape.

The five women testified that they didn't realize Winslow was popular when they met him.

The homeless woman in Encinitas, who was 58 at the time, claimed he befriended her and assaulted her next to his vehicle subsequent to inviting her for a coffee in May 2018.

A 54-year-old hitchhiker claimed he drove her to an Encinitas shopping mall’s parking lot and raped her in his Hummer in March 2018.

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A 57-year-old woman said he presented himself to her while she kept an eye on her greenhouse in May of 2018. The panel found the football star guilty of that charge on Monday. Likewise, the jurors are yet to have their verdict on a rape committed by the footballer on a 17-year-old in 2003 at a house party when he was 19.