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Eagle-Eyed Friends Fans Spot Huge Error In Chandler And Monica’s Wedding

Published Thu Jun 06 2019 By David
Eagle-Eyed Friends Fans Spot Huge Error In Chandler And Monica’s Wedding

Huge Friends error at Monica and Chandler's wedding.

Ever since the release of 'Friends' on Netflix in January last year, fans of the show are gradually beginning to see a couple of irregularities.

The sitcom was running for ten years and shot before a group live audience - so it was bound to happen!

Furthermore, the most recent scene to get dissected by 'hawk looked at watchers' is "Monica" and "Chandler's" wedding which was initially broadcasted back in May 2001.

On the off chance that you've overlooked, the lead up to the big day didn’t exactly run smoothly for the couple as Monica found herself in a battle with another lady of the hour over a dress.

At the point when Monica went to a marriage shop with "Phoebe" and "Rachel," they wound up rugby handling rival "Megan" to the floor to get their hands on one specific white bridal gown.

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But later when Megan (in retaliation) went on to book the Swing Kings, Monica was forced to pick between the incredible dress and her soon-to-be husband’s dream of having his favorite band perform at their reception.

She at long last chose to surrender the dress and went on to book the Swing Kings - yet fans have now seen the band never really wound up playing at the wedding.

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While watching a replay of the scene, one fan called attention to on Twitter that the drums on the band read "Jungle Swing" during the first dance.

Chandler and Monica never had the bands at the at their wedding; the one they were supposed to. 
SOURCE: Mirror 

Regardless of whether it's only a coherence blunder or a change of the heart from the bride and the groom, there's no way of knowing the genuine reason as to why the 'Swing Kings' never performed at the wedding.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only botch fans have noticed in the past, as one glaring blunder happened right at the beginning of the first series.

Upon casting your minds back all the way to 1994, you'll find Monica's apartment was number 5, and Chandler's was number 4.

But as the season went on, show producers realized the flat numbers would be higher given how high up the condo was supposed to be.

So, they changed Monica's level to number 20, and Chandler's to 19.