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Facts About Cindy McCain's Family and Children

Published Tue Nov 10 2020 By Bran
Facts About Cindy McCain's Family and Children

Grab all the details regarding the married life and romantic history of John McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, right here.

How often do you get to see a Republican root for a Democrat in the US Elections? Well, the case was quite different this time as Cindy McCain, a long-time member of the Republican party, celebrated the victory of Joe Biden against Donald Trump in 2020. The 66-year-old is perhaps an inspiring figure across the globe as a businesswoman, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Over the years, she has proved to be a significant part of American politics and gave her full endorsement to the new President's candidacy in late September.

Cindy McCain might be popular as a businesswoman and a philanthropist, but that isn't everything about her introduction. A lot of people across the globe know her as the beloved wife of late US Senator John McCain instead. The 66-year-old became a widow in 2018 following the death of the former presidential nominee after deciding not to do further treatment for his cancer. Stay right here with us as we bring you the full story.

Cindy McCain: Longtime Wife of Late John McCain

Cindy McCain poses a picture with her late husband John McCain.

Cindy McCain and her husband John McCain had an age gap of eighteen years. 
Photo Source: USA Today 

In a country like the United States, where most marriages end up in a divorce, finding long-term relationships, especially in the case of reputed celebrities, is quite rare. Cindy McCain is someone who belongs to the same category as she is the wife of late Senator John McCain. The politically strong couple were married for thirty-eight years until death parted them apart in 2018.

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The romantic history between Cindy and John dates back way into 1979 when the two first met in a military reception in Hawaii. Interestingly, both of them did lie while doing their introductions. While Cindy made herself older, her husband made himself younger, just to reduce the age gap of eighteen between them. Unlike herself, her Senate husband was divorced from Carol McCain after 14 years of marriage. However, she didn't let that hamper their relationship.

Cindy McCain in a black dress caught on the camera while giving a speech.

Cindy McCain and John McCain share four children.
Photo Source: Wall Street Journal

Following a couple of years of serious dating and romantic relationship, John McCain and Cindy McCain tied the knot on May 17, 1980, in the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Surprisingly, the couple even signed a prenuptial agreement that kept their finances apart and even made them file separate income tax returns. Following their marriage, the pair became the parent to four children, including television commentator Meghan, John Sidney IV, James, and Bridget, who was adopted in 1991.

Cindy McCain: Mother of Four Children Including An Adopted Daughter

Following the marriage of Cindy McCain and John, the pair became the parent to four children, including television commentator Meghan, John Sidney IV, James, and Bridget, who was adopted in 1991. The helpful and humanitarian nature of the diva was acknowledged when she went to Dhaka, Bangladesh with AVMT after the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone. It was at Mother Teresa's Dhaka orphanage where she met two infant girls who needed better medical treatments. 

Cindy McCain poses a picture in a green top.

Cindy McCain supported Joe Biden despite being a republican in the 2020 Elections.
Photo Source: NBC News

Consequently, Cindy brought both the girls to the United States and provided them with proper care and treatment. Later, she made a huge decision to adopt one of the girls and named her Bridget. Her partner, John gladly accepted and thus everything got finalized by 1993. Likewise, she even arranged for the adoption of another girl, thanks to her family friend Wes Gullett.

Cindy McCain's Elder Daughter Meghan McCain Is A Renowned Television Star

Being the daughter of Cindy McCain and longtime U.S senator John McCain, Meghan was raised quite right with knowledge of American politics. As she grew up, the diva decided to become a columnist. Over the years, she has been an integral figure at some of America's top media houses like ABC News, Fox News, and MSNBC. In fact, the 36-year-old has already bagged three Daytime Emmy Award nominations for her work at such a young age.

Cindy McCain poses a picture with her daughter Meghan.

Cindy McCain endorsed democrat Joe Biden in 2020 US Elections.
Photo Source: Yahoo News

Like mother Cindy, Meghan also declared herself as a republican in 2008. In an interview, she described herself as 'a woman who despises labels and boxes and stereotypes.' Furthermore, she has even made her voice heard for her campaigns to establish justice and enable gay rights.

Cindy McCain Helped John McCain's Political Rise

Cindy McCain caught on the camera while delivering a speech.

Cindy McCain is a renowned businesswoman.
Photo Source: USA Today

Marrying Cindy McCain didn't just give the former Arizona senator personal happiness but even aided him big time to expand his political networks. Courtesy of that goes to his beau, whose father Jim Hensley was quite an established persona in the state as a businessman in the beer industry.

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When John McCain stood for his first bid in the U.S Congress, it was his wife Cindy, who monitored all the campaign strategy. Furthermore, her family's wealth through an expired trust helped her husband to fund the campaign through significant cheap loans. As her partner won the elections, the family of six moved to Virginia. However, the 66-year-old philanthropist never failed to adjust well in the new state, which forced her to move back to Arizona in 1984.

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