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Fans Would Rather See Captain America Die Than Iron Man In Avengers: Endgame

Published Wed Mar 27 2019 By David
Fans Would Rather See Captain America Die Than Iron Man In Avengers: Endgame

Fans would rather go for Steve's death than Iron Man's farewell.

One of the most flickering question regarding Avengers: Endgame is the matter of if or which of the phase 1 superhero would meet its utmost end. While for what it’s worth, almost all of the founding members of the Avengers may bid a farewell to the MCU verse or the best, they might become too much of a force for the death-worshipping god in the showdown number 2.

Still, knowing that each of the first actors’ contract with the Marvel is just a stone's throw away from being expired, speculations are strongly suggesting that either Steve Rogers or Tony Stark may have their swan song in the upcoming Avengers movie. On the other hand, Disney may not be that daring to have slashed off its two of the primal characters in one go.

Fans would rather see Captain America die in Endgame than Tony Stark.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times

Meanwhile, some folks over at the has come up with their own outlet for this indecisive topic—where they have carried out a referendum asking the Twitter users to cast their poll in the romp, “Who would you rather?” (The old man or the billionaire playboy).

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Over 5,500 social media users voted in the plebiscite and the upshot was quite a close call, but the Iron Knight was the hero that most fans wanted to survive Endgame, earning 55% of the vote to Nomad’s 45%.

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Further, the analysis showed there were many reasons why fans might have voted in a particular fashion. Stark Jr is the on-set hero of the Avengers franchise, kicking off the MCU in 2008’s Iron Man over a decade ago. As such, it’d be quite an inappropriate sendoff to the character’s legacy if he is to be the next big casualty in the impending battlefield.  

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In addition, there isn’t anyone currently in the squad to take over the Iron mantle upon Tony’s absence. On the other hand, Steve already has Bucky and Falcon to take over his vibranium should the soldier really become flatline in the combat. Tony also may be the best fit when it comes to giving an orientation for the future Avengers having previously seen his mentorship in the Spiderman: Homecoming.

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Evans has often gushed about his ending tenure with the MCU. The actor has also been expressing about his desire to take a break from the acting and rather divert his focus into helming some movie projects. So, it’s possible we may see the last of him in the Endgame. Downey, however, is yet to shed his opinion on his term with the Marvel studios. Meanwhile, he has given no such comments of either being done from his existing profession or diverting his career into a different media.