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Who is Florence Pugh's Boyfriend in 2021? Learn About Her Current Relationship Status

Published Wed Jul 14 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Florence Pugh's Boyfriend in 2021? Learn About Her Current Relationship Status

Is Florence Pugh Single or Dating in 2021? Details of Her Love Life Here!

Best known for the 2016 independent drama Lady Macbeth, Florence Pugh is an acclaimed up-and-coming star. She won the British Independent Film Award for her role, Katherine Lester, in the film. Pugh was nominated for an Academy Award and a Bafta in 2020 too.

Born in Oxford, England, Florence was raised by her parents, Clinton Pugh and Deborah Pugh, a restaurateur and a dancer. She is also known as the sister of actor/musician Toby Sebastian and actress Arabella Gibbin. Aged only 29, Pugh has starred in at least 14 films and several plays. Is Florence commended for her personal life, or does it stands in contrast to her reputed career? Find it here.

Florence Pugh's Blissful Relationship!

Florence Pugh's rank in the industry is not to scoff at. She boasts some of the best hits on her resume. King Lear, Midsommar, and Leading Lady Parts are just a few of them. And as hoped by her fans, Pugh maintains has a graceful personal life. The Brit is dating Zack Braff, an actor and filmmaker.    

Florence Pugh is an English actress.

Why do fans find Pugh and Braff's relationship problematic?
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The couple is a relatively new love duo in Hollywood. They have been dating since April 2019. They made their relationship official after a year in April 2020. As per sources, they are in a live-in relationship and are based in Los Angeles. As apparent from their social media, the couple is still smitten in love.    

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2020 was a remarkable year for Pugh's career and her love life. She garnered raving reviews for her role in Mid Sommar. In addition, she earned an Oscar nomination for Little Women. But, something else had caught the public's attention. Despite exhibiting a blissful relationship with her beau, fans found their age gap problematic.

Florence Pugh is dating Zach Braff.

Florence writes, "I'm 24 and I don't need you to tell me who is should be dating."
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Scrubs' star, Braff, is 21 years her senior. As anticipated, their romance was questioned incessantly—Pugh, who flaunts 2.5 million followers on her Instagram, had to disable her comments on posts and was compelled to state the obvious. "I'm 24, and I don't need you to tell me who I should be dating," wrote the actress.

More About the Duo's Relationship!  

Zach Braff is an actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. Some of his notable credits are The Last Kiss, In Dubious Battle, Oz the Great, and Powerful. Braff also directed his girlfriend's 2019 short film In the Time it Takes to Get There. Braff has been romantically involved with a few before, unlike Florence, who has a clean record.

Florence Pugh was nominated for an Oscar.

 Ariana Grande is one of the A-listers who've come in support of Braff and Pugh's relationship.
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Braff dated singer/actor Mandy Moore from 2004 to 2006. He later dated model Taylor Bagley for five years. He was also linked with actress Shiri Appleby. Braff and Shriri were reported to be a great match by an insider, given their similar Jewish background. But even that ship didn't last long.  

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Of the two, Braff has been bearing more of the brunt. Urging people to not interfere in her personal life, Florence writes in a post, "People have no right to educate me on my private life. If it's you do not like, then please unfollow me because the abuse that you throw at him is abuse that you’re throwing at me." Ariana Grande is one of many stars who've come in support of Pugh and Braff's relationship.  

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