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German Physician Maria Furtwängler - Top 5 Facts

Published Fri Apr 03 2020 By Chester
German Physician Maria Furtwängler - Top 5 Facts

Learn some intriguing facts of German physician and actress Maria Furtwängler. 

All the E=MC^2 lovers might well know the German physician and television actress Maria Furtwängler Burda precisely from her mindblowing German Television series Tatort.

So to know such amusing persona who has stunned us many times with her amazing acting skills, innovations and philanthropic works, here, we present you with all the intriguing facts of German Physician Maria Burda. 

5. Married to Billionaire Publisher Hubert Burda

Sharing a strong marital bond for 28 years and counting.

Sharing a strong marital bond for 28 years and counting.
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Yes, Maria is married to billionaire husband Hubert Burda on 8th November 1991. When it comes to past affairs and marriages Maria holds no records whereas the $4 billion net worth holder Burda was formally married to spouse Christa Maar (1967-1972).

Burda, 80, is a German billionaire publisher and the CEO of the Hubert Burda Media Holding, which is known as the largest media companies in Germany which contain more than 600 media products, websites, magazines and other brands.

4. Mother of Two Young Kids

The Burda family attending a seminar together.

The Burda family attending a seminar together.
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As young and charming Maria seems, she is a mother of two beautiful children. Starting from his elder son Jakob Burda who was born in 1990 as is currently 30 years old.

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Similarly, the beauty with brain physician also shares a younger daughter Elisabeth Burda who was born in 1992. She is currently 28 years old. 

3. Began Her Acting Career in the Mid 1990s

Furtwängler began her career in the mid-1990s from Tatort. Since then, she has been noted for movies like March of Millions (2007), and The Weather Inside (2015).

By now for her phenomenal acting skills and hard work, she was honoured with Germany's most prestigious award in the field of acting. She won awards like the best actress for her essential role in the movie The Weather.

2. Describes Herself as Extremely Chaotic and Absent-Minded

Where did i keep my keys ,Again!?

Where did i keep my keys, Again!?
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Like most of the geniuses who seem to be 'stuck in their head' and 'lost in their own world' with own theories - Maria shares similar traits. 

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Matter of fact, she once forgets where she parked her car and hours of search and not finding the spot; she went home. She remembered the spot net day and went to get it. Sigh!

1. A Social Activist and Feminist

As big Maria's bank balance numbers and lavish mansions are she shares equally big heart. 
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In 2010 she was the goodwill ambassador for the One Campaign, a non-profit and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and diseases mostly in Africa. She is also involved in DLD (Digital Life Design) which exchanges future visions and experiences for future innovations, and welfare.

After meeting one of the renowned playwright, activist and feminist Eve Ensler in Berlin, Burda became more encouraged and was one of the active members and proclaimers for reform if the German legislation on sexual violence on 2016 International Women's Day.

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